How to take Paraffin Wax Treatment for your hands at home

Paraffin wax is known for its heat transfer ability which is why it is effectively used for the treatment of pain and stiffness resulting out of osteoarthritis, injuries and inflammation. Due to its melting ability and soft consistency, it can cover your hand almost like a glove and increases blood flow. Read more to know about how you can take the treatment at your home.


Step I:

Thoroughly clean your hands by washing them with soap. Rinse and dry them a using a towel that is lint free.

Step II:

Place a double boiler on the gas. Add the bottom of the double boiler with three fourth full of water. Now keep about 4 pounds of food grade paraffin wax at the top of the double boiler. If you want the additional advantage of aroma therapy you can add a few drops of any essential oil to the wax. Put on the gas at a low to medium heat.

Paraffin bath

Step III:

Now add about one full cup of mineral oil to the top of the double boiler.

Step IV:

Once the wax is melted completely remove the double boiler from the gas and empty the wax into a greased plastic canister.

Step V:

Once you empty the paraffin wax into the plastic canister give your hands a massage of olive oil. Do not forget to apply the oil between your fingers.


Step VI:

You will observe a thin skin like layer over the paraffin wax. This is the time to check the temperature of the wax. With the help of a thermometer, check the temperature; it should be 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Now move on to the next step.

Step VII:

Now carefully place your hand inside the paraffin wax. Make sure you dip your hand as far as needed so as to covet your entire hand with the paraffin wax.

Step VIII:

After a few seconds when a thin layer is formed on the hands remove your hand out of the wax. When you see that the wax has dried up, again dip your hand inside the wax. Continue repeating this process until your hand is covered with several (at least 5-7) layers of wax.


Step IX:

After covering your hands with several layers of wax, place them inside a large plastic bag and cover it with a towel or mitt. After 10-15 min remove your hand from the towel

Step X:

Remove the wax with the help of a tissue and apply some moisturizer.

You can treat your other hand too if desired by transferring the wax again to the boiler and reheating it.

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