How to treat Haemorrhoids using home remedies

The latest home treatment that is creating ripples in terms of treating the lingering trauma of Haemorrhoids.  There have always been plenty of home-based do-it-yourself treatments, some of which are hits and misses involving nutrition and dietary changes, aromatherapy and ingesting various herbs.


There has never been a one-stop shop for home solutions when it comes to people suffering from piles.  However, with this program, you won’t need to go the surgical way or take appointments with specialists as the program provides home based treatment that you can do yourself at home.

The process is rather holistic and makes use of natural ingredients.  The treatment can be tailored according to the type of Haemorrhoids that one has and can be altered accordingly.  There are traditional formulas that are given along with measurements that are to be mixed and concocted in that specific denomination.  The best thing is that these ingredients can be sourced easily over the counter from a regular chemist shop or even from online stores.

Change your own dietary and exercise habits

Each part of the process of this treatment provides a significant contribution to the overall result.  Hence, do not evade any single element of the treatment for best results.  Your treatment might include a one-minute exercise routine that boasts of getting rid of bowel troubles for good or might focus on a strict diet plan called the “Four Factors” which claim to get rid of piles within days.  You could also be put on the ‘five vegetables and fruits’ diet that can eliminate piles and put a full stop to it.

You could also select a special home treatment that eliminates piles with the help of Fargei, a Chinese herb.  The extract of this secret herb increases the blood circulation by 300%.  Then the treatment also includes a water cure, which not many people know of.


Doing away with sweets is not a permanent cure for those suffering from Haemorrhoids and it is possible to be affected by piles even if you are not constipated.  Through this treatment, you will also be made more aware of certain exercises that tend to flare up piles and will guide you as to how you can eliminate flare-ups for good.

Through this home treatment, you will also be cured of prolapsed Haemorrhoids and put an end to the bleeding that ensues.  This treatment will surely put an end to your suffering and ensure that it does not relapse again.

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