Know the sneaky Binge Eating Disorder so you never fall prey

Overeating is something we all know very well, as some time or the other we all have done it. Taking extra scoop of ice cream because you just love it, having one more slice of bread because the sauce or the cheese spread on it tastes too good, or sometimes to avoid wasting food you tend some of us tend to overeat. However, most of the people do overeating once in a blue moon and some people do it every day.

What is binge eating disorder?

binge eating disorder

Some people experience compulsive overeating, which means they consume huge amounts of food every day, later they feel worse. They have the weird uncontrollable urge to eat even if they aren’t really hungry and to continue eating even after they are full. People with binge disorder feel embarrassed about their eating habit and often they eat secretly to hide their eating disorder. Depression is believed to be the main cause of binge disorder, and dieting is another, as in people control their hunger and tend to overeat when they are too hungry.

DIY treatment of binge disorder

Binge disorder is curable and with these following DIY treatments, it is much easier to cure it.

Love yourself

Confident beauty. Confident mature women keeping arms crossed an

To love yourself is one thing everybody must do. If you love yourself then only others love you and you feel confident about yourself. It motivates you to indulge in all good activities that improve your personality and your well-being.

Manage stress

yoga benefits

Stress is another reason responsible for the binge eating disorder, so the best way to escape it is to escape stress. Keep yourself busy, socialize with people, and think high of yourself. Cultivate your hobbies, do yoga, meditation, plan adventurous trips, or do whatever you feel can take away your stress.

Smaller meals is the key

small meal

You ought to rise above temptations first, as in you do not have to eat whatever your heart says. Plan small meal, which means do not have three big meals a day but five short meals a day. As far as the snacking and munching is concerned, you must learn to control your urge.


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Exercise enables us to be in shape, as it activates all our body parts and makes them work properly. As all your body parts start working in a normal way, automatically your illness will subside.

Binge eating disorder is a psychological disorder that affects personality of the sufferer. One can cure this disorder even without taking professional help by changing some habits and lifestyle.

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