Knowing schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a group of brain disorders that result in split minds and may be presented with repeated episodes of hallucinations, illusions and altered thinking and behavioral pattern. It is a fairly severe condition and may require long term treatment and care.

This condition is commonly seen during the teens and early 20s or 30s and may affect both men and women.

What are the symptoms?

This is a mental illness and presents itself in different forms. There are 3 categories in which the symptoms can be presented.


Positive form

This occurs when there is disturbance or excess in the normal functioning. The patient often suffers from hallucinations, which means sensing things that do not exist. Hearing sounds and noises is commonly seen. Delusions are beliefs that do not exist in reality but based on false impression regarding particular experience. Disorganized thought and behavior is another common symptom, which can present itself with the use of unrelated words to make a sentence, inappropriate behavior for the age or violent episodes.


Negative form

This can result when there is absence or reduction in normal functioning. This may include symptoms that make the person feel lonely with loss of interest. There is lack of motivation and emotion. There is no desire to carry out daily routine and the person may appear socially withdrawn.

Cognitive form

This can present itself with common problems like lack of attention, withdrawal from family, excessive irritability, etc.

While there are certain factors like family history, certain medications, stressful situations can trigger the condition, the exact cause is unknown.  As it deals with the mental state of a person, the altered behavior can have direct consequences of their performance, health, life and relationships. Further going ahead, if the situation worsens, for example extreme agitation or violent attacks, it can be dangerous for the person as well as for those around them.

Getting an evaluation from a doctor is essential in order to avoid complications. In case any family member or friends are suffering from such symptoms, it is necessary to seek medical help. The condition may or may not be schizophrenia, but getting an opinion is worthwhile. Psychological counseling can also help in such cases and being a sensitive issue it needs to be dealt with carefully.

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