Food and Mood-Diet to Control Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Food and Mood-Diet to Control Bipolar Disorder Symptoms


Bipolar disease also known as manic depression is extreme mood swings. Sometimes the patients will be very happy, overconfident and they believe they can do everything. This stage is called mania.  During this stage, they also talk very rapidly. Then comes the next sage, which is depression, where he/she is sad, low in energy, angry, irritant and has a feeling that nothing can be done and there is no point or meaning to anything. This time they either talk or feel about ending their life. The problem with this disease is that there is no permanent cure, even though you can follow certain medications. It can happen at any stage of your life. Normally, it happens to teenagers or young adults but now observed in children too.

The main problem with this disease is that it is not easily identified. People confuse it with normal mood swings. Neither the patients nor the relatives can easily recognize this. Normally mood swings happens with every one of us but it will last only for few hours or for one day. But people who are affected with this disease, mood swings continue for a week. The cause for this disease is mainly genetics, hormone problems or environmental factors like sudden loss of someone who was very close to you or any other traumas.

By following strict medication, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle you can keep this disease under control. There is no particular diet for bipolar disease but eating well balanced diet will help to reduce the symptoms. Food and mood always has an incredible link .So it is very important to be aware of what goes into your mouth, as it can cause a dramatic effect on your mood. People who are suffering from this disease are less likely to have proper diet. Most of the time, they will take only one meal in a day instead of thrice. So their body will be deficient of nutrients which are required for the normal functioning of the body.  They need to include these nutrient foods in their diet. At the same time there are also certain food items they should avoid. The first and foremost in this list, is caffeine. Mostly people who have this disease are deprived of sleep. The intake of caffeine will not help them in any way. So it is a big no for them. Avoid eating red meats instead eat fish like salmon, tuna which has rich omega3 fatty acid. Limit the intake of added sugars and the food containing added sugars like pastries, cakes, jam, soft drinks etc. Replace this with naturally sweet food like fresh fruits. Stay away from alcohol, drug and smoking. These things will trigger your symptoms and may interfere with your medications too.

There should be regular routine and discipline in life. By making these small changes, will help you to lead a better life.


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