Maintain health while working

Although a lot is spoken about healthy living and maintaining an active lifestyle, working professionals rarely get time to improve their physical activity and fitness levels. While technology is making people to work more sedentarily, there is a lot people can do to maintain their health.

Maintaining health is not only about being fit or having a desirable weight. Health is also about reducing the risk on injuries, strains and keeping a physical fitness level so as to avoid health problems due to sedentary working style.

Risk of injuries
Very often, as professionals are exposed to computer use and other variants of technology they have little chance to move physically.
•As a result, the muscles and joints often tend to get into a state where they are not being used properly and their functioning can get hampered. They may feel weak due to lack of use and may also be more prone to injuries when trying to use it.
•Another major cause is the need to continuously sit at the working table and use the computer with hands. This creates a strain on the lower back, upper back, shoulders and arms.
•Long working hours, mental and physical stress, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, abnormal postures and travelling effect all add to the ill health and increase the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Maintaining a healthy workforce has become the duty of human resource professionals all across the country.  Because so many businesses are forced to become more and more efficient by the day, employees are seeing their jobs grow with varying tasks.  One of the most common has been in the human resource department, where those professionals are being tasked with creating wellness programs and other initiatives that create a positive, happy, and healthy attitude around the workplace.  This is the main reason more human resource classes are teaching how and why wellness programs are important.

This could be one of the reasons why these days the incidence of neck pain, back pain, and degenerative disorders are on the rise.
Tips for you
Some of the important tips that working professionals can make use of are
•Involving in flexibility, muscle strengthening exercise like yoga, stretching exercises or low impact aerobics, in the morning and preferably even in the evening.
•If the health condition is good, it is better to involve in fat burning, cardiovascular and other activities at least thrice a week.
•One way of keeping yourself active and relaxing stress is to plan for activities like swimming, cycling, trekking, dancing, etc on weekends.

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