Natural remedies that can help you soothe pregnancy woes


Pregnancy is a lovely phase in a woman’s life. A time when a new ray of hope comes in life, getting a lot of love, care and pamper from husband and family, and a cute baby bump. This lovely phase has a fair share of painful and uncomfortable moments also. However, if you know how to take care of yourself and do certain things to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by pregnancy woes, you can truly have a fun-filled pregnancy phase loaded with happy and joyous moments. Here are some natural remedies that effectively reduce the discomfort caused by several pregnancy woes:


headache 8

During the first trimester, so many new hormones produce in a woman’s body that makes her sick. One form of sickness is headache and doctors recommend not taking medicines, as they interfere with the proper development of the fetus. Here come natural remedies to a woman’s rescue like to use warm or cold head compress, increase the water intake, have meals on time, manage stress, and sleep well.

Morning Sickness

morning sickness

It worsens between the 6th and 12th weeks of pregnancy but fear not, as there are several natural remedies to soothe morning sickness. You should increase your intake of iron and B complex vitamins, sip raspberry and peppermint tea, cut ginger root and pour hot water over it and drink it as tea, avoid spicy and fatty foods, chew fennel seeds, drink lemonade, have small meals and keep yourself well hydrated.


heart  isssues (2)

Heartburn is another extremely uncomfortable feeling expecting women experience. Aloe vera juice effectively reduces heartburn; coconut water gives a soothing relief, chew fennel seeds or drink its water. Heartburn is a result of the increased acid production inside, have few drops of apple cider vinegar, it goes inside and stops further production of acid, thus, reducing heartburn.



Some women feel fatigued almost all the time during their pregnancy. In majority of the cases, the irregularity of exercise and some flaw in the drinking and eating pattern is the major reason for the never-ending fatigue. To help yourself, you should take fruits in good quantity, make sure you go out for walk every day, and drink lots of water.


The symptoms of pregnancy cause great discomfort to the mom-to-be. However, all moms-to-be can take few natural remedies and keep away severe pregnancy woes and enjoy the beautiful phase of pregnancy.

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