Tame your irregular periods with some home remedies

Oligomenorrhea is a condition wherein women experience irregularity in their menstrual cycle. The irregularity here refers to the irregularity or abnormality in the intervals, as in it exceeds a 35 day period whereas the normal menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days. Yet another irregularity is in the menstrual bleeding that normally lasts from five to seven days but women with Oligomenorrhea have it for one or two days.

There are numerous reasons behind but whatever may be the reason, you can cure irregular periods with these following home remedies:

Banyan Tree Roots

boiling  fresh banyan root

A very effective home remedy to cure irregular menstrual cycle is the root of banyan tree. You have to take a fresh banyan root and boil it for about 10 minutes in a cup of water. Add a few tablespoons cow milk to the boiled banyan root water and have it every night before going to bed. It is a very effective remedy that regularizes menstrual cycle.



Besides irregularity of menstrual cycle, the cramps and other discomforts are what make them pretty bad for women. Cinnamon is one natural remedy that eliminates menstrual cramps and pain, and irregularity. It has a warming effect on body and regulates insulin levels in body, which make menstrual cycle regular. Add half-teaspoon cinnamon to your glass of milk every day, sprinkle powder on foods, or chew some cinnamon regularly.

Sesame Seeds and Jaggery

Black sesame

Jaggery has its warming effects on body, which help regularize menstrual irregularities. On the other hand, sesame seeds are loaded with lignans that help balance hormones and enable sufficient hormone production. You can simply eat a piece of jiggery and some roasted sesame seeds every now and then. Even better is to grind some jiggery and roasted sesame seeds together and have the powder before your cycle starts every month.



A rich source of vitamin C, lemon effectively eradicates irregularity of periods. This remedy comes handy especially if the reason behind irregular periods is deficiency of blood. Vitamin C regulates blood count in body, increases iron absorption, eventually easing irregular periods.


papaya  benefits (2)

Constipation has a direct relation with the irregularity of periods. It upsets stomach that affects hormonal secretion in the body and imbalance of hormonal secretion caused by constipation results in irregular menstrual cycle. Papaya is a fruit rich in fibre that cures constipation, restores normal digestive routine, and regularizes normal menstrual flow.

Irregular menstrual cycle is something that troubles many women and results in numerous related health problems. One should try some very effective and easy home remedies to restore their normal menstrual routine.

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