Naturally curb your craving for food

Naturally curb your craving for food

Are you considering losing a few pounds and wondering whether it is possible without any medicated help? Well then it’s time to stop wondering and start adopting all means which will help get you rid of those extra pound you were always worried about. We have retreated towards all those homely methods that will help shed you some weight naturally enough. There are numerous ways to curb your food cravings and help you correct your eating habits and patterns. Here is a list to few of these:

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Eat more Fiber: Fiber keeps you full longer and kills all your sugar cravings keeping your stomach occupied for a longer period. High fiber foods are fruits especially apples, vegetables, whole grains and nuts specially almonds.

Drink more Water: Water keeps your body hydrated that will kill the hunger strikes that you feel more often when the body is dehydrated.

Eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours: This kills your big appetite for one time eating and provides you with constant energy maintaining your blood sugar levels.

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Avoid sugary foods: Large amounts of sugar spikes your blood sugar levels and leaves you tired and even more hungry.

Add more protein in your diet: Eating lean protein will leave you satisfied throughout the day. Include more of eggs and yogurt in your meals. Get best results by including lean protein to your breakfast.

Eat spicy food: It is easier to have an extra serving of bland and sugary foods on the contrary spicy foods help you pay more attention to the quantity intake of your food.

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Eat slowly: You approximately need 20 minutes for finishing your meal. If you eat fast then you will end up eating a lot in those 20 minutes. Try eating slowly, take a help of a smaller spoon this will help you cut down on your intake.

Use a blue colored plate: This may sound a little strange, but using a blue colored plate will help you eat less according to the researches so conducted. On the contrary, yellow and red colored plates will increase your appetite.

Eat potatoes: Potatoes are a special type of starch that resist digestive enzymes making them stay in your body longer and suppresses your food cravings.

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Get enough sleep: Not getting enough sleep will crave you to eat more and this is a scientifically proven fact. Getting less hours of sleep will help your body generate appetite-causing hormone called Ghrelin that makes you eat more


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving your faulty eating habits has become an easier process with the easy to regulate means one can adopt without much of an effort. A little change can help you achieve great results.

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