New Phone Apps Detect Seizures, Treat Strokes


Stroke is called cerebrovascular accident (CVA), cerebrovascular insult (CVI) or colloquially brain attack.  A hindrance in the blood flow, or the separation of an artery that supplies bloodto the brain, can be the cause of stroke. Now, the stroke can be of two types like ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. If a blood clot forms and the wandering clot is carried through the blood to the brain, can cause ischemic stroke. When a defective artery in the brain bursts and fills the surrounding tissue with blood is called hemorrhagic stroke.


Stroke and Smart Phone apps:-

In these modern era, smartphone apps are for all phases of life. Now, a new research has cited two new apps that can help people for detecting epileptic seizures and receive better treatment for stroke. The technical names of the new apps are Epilepsy app and Stroke app.



In the first study, an epilepsy app was designed to help non-doctors for determination whether a person is having an epileptic seizure or not. This app helps health professionals evaluate and make the diagnosis, especially when doctors are not available. Hence, this app is very helpful in case of non-availability of doctors.

To create this app, 67 people were asked ‘The Most’ helpful questions and answers to detect an epileptic seizure and therefore these information were used. The same research were conducted on 132 persons in Nepal and in India as well. This time the test results were compared to the diagnosis from a doctor. This app is informative and agreed with the doctor’s opinion in 96 percent of these cases.


Stroke app:-

It was the second study to createan app that could enable doctors to provide more effective care for the patients who have suffered acute stroke. Doctors can enter data about patients like inception of symptom time, demographics etc. and this app result is used to determine which clinical precaution the doctor can consider for the patient.This app has been into existence, to be used in real time.

This app is inclusive of stop watch to track the record of treatment times. It has a phone book for quick contact and access to include or exclude the clinical process. This app makes it easier, well-organized and helpful for the doctors to take care for their acute stroke patients.

Thus the new Smart Phone Apps Detects Seizures and Treat Strokes.

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