Top gadgets to have if you are a health freak

People more or less settle down with exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming and free hand exercises. But would it be good if you could try out exercising with a few gadgets that would help you to stay healthy and fit? Here are some gadgets which you could afford for yourself in order to stay fit and healthy if you are a sports freak. It is certainly good to invest in these gadgets which would help you in the long term as well.


A Stretching mat 

A stretching mat is the best thing you can get for yourself. It can be used for performing your tummy and abdomen exercises. These mats consist of great amount of cushioning so that you don’t get hurt during a fall or you don’t hit your head against the floor. These can be easily stored at any corner of the room by either rolling or folding into four parts.


A big plastic or rubber yoga ball

A plastic ball is great equipment for exercise. You can reduce adequate amount of fat from your tummy and thighs with this ball. You can lie down your whole body on the ball, front ways, back ways or sideward’s. This ball also helps to tighten the abdominal and tummy muscles. This is best for people who are amateurs in the world of gym as well. The ball needs to be in your control, so it does not roll away.


A skipping rope 

A skipping rope is the best way to stay fit and healthy. It would make you fit and flexible, sometimes you can also grow tall by some inches, it helps you to helps you to stretch and jump so that you stay toned and lean. They are easily available and affordable as well. Regular skipping would help you to tighten your tummy muscles, and tone your thigh muscles as well.



This is a gadget that helps you to reduce your calf muscles as well as your thigh muscles. This gadget consists of a shoe print that is made of plastic where you need to put your foot in, and try to place your heels on the floor. The toes would be pointing upwards, helping you to stretch your calf muscles. They are very effective. 


If you are a diehard DIY health freak, then these are some of the must have gadgets that you must have in our homes.

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