Practicing simple meditation

Meditation may sound like a big thing, but for beginners or for those who just want to have relaxation, they need not get carried away by this. It does not require you to become a great yogi or a hard core practitioner. People can learn simple ways of meditating for their own peace of mind and practice it in their own way.

Tips for you


  • If you can get to know about the basics of meditation from an expert, you can talk to them and get to know the possible things that can be done. You can find a teacher at a wellness center, retreat or at a yoga class.
  • Make yourself clear of the purpose of your choosing to learn meditation and bear it in mind. It could be searching peace of mind, wanting to relax your body and mind, aiming at specific healing or some other thing.
  • Do not worry about the great things that people talk about when it comes to meditation. You can choose your own posture and probably your own style too. You should be comfortable in your posture as you have to sit for some time and make sure that your back, neck and legs are not getting strained.
  • Be determined about practicing medication and follow it regularly. Choose a time of the day when you feel the best and can sit without being disturbed. Make sure you are not hungry, overfed and do not have any other personal calls at that time, as these can bother you. Preferably choose the same time every day. If you wish you can have a bath and then begin.


  • You can begin with simply looking at a beautiful picture in the room or and close your eyes and sit quietly. Just sitting quietly thinking of nothing can also help. You can also choose to count.
  • If you wish, you can use those meditation tapes that play some music or tunes that help in overall relaxation. You can also choose to have essence sticks, aromatherapy candles in the room with the specified fragrance like lavender, rosemary or others that will help you in the relaxation process.

Begin and continue with enthusiasm and be happy with your efforts. See what suits you the best. There is nothing right or wrong, you can decide what makes you relax well.

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