Remedies for reducing anxiety

We have all faced anxiety states at some time in our lives. Some people are able to let go off the state easily while some have difficult times coming out of it. While some worries and concerns are obvious and can act as a motivating factor, too much is not good either. If the anxiety states remain persistent for a long time, they can have harmful effects on our body, mind and overall health.
It is therefore essential to manage the anxiety states effectively and allow them to settle down as early as possible. If you are experiencing constant anxiety in every situation, it is worth considering and it means that you need to pay more attention to yourself.

Tips for you
Following are some tips that you can use in order to overcome the constant prevailing anxiety in your mind.
•Recognize the stressful situations. Try to analyze what triggers your fear; maybe the presence of a particular person, the thought of a certain event, maybe some happenings in the past or the fear of future.
•Once the items have been recognized, list them down. Try to avoid these situations initially. Once you feel better, slowly, begin to face the same situations. Make a commitment to yourself and be firm that you are not scared of it anymore. Do not bear any fear in mind and try acting in a different manner.
•Arrange for items that can calm you down, so that in case you become anxious, you can use them. Maybe a soft toy, a favorite gift from a loved one, a glass of water or anything dear to you so that you can feel better.
•Relax yourself. Take a deep breath when you feel fear in setting in. Go out in fresh, open air if possible and breathe freely. Also take a look at the shy, the clouds and hear the birds chirping or watch the children walking down the street. These are natural stress busters and distracters and will surely help you take off your mind from your worries.
•Make relaxation a practice. Spare some time regularly in nature watching and other activities of your interests. You can consider pursuing your hobbies like painting, singing, writing, playing an instrument, etc. These help to stimulate your brain in a positive way and allow your brain to relax.
•Involve in meditation and other stress management techniques to find comfort and when performed before sleeping or facing the fear situation, can show dramatic results.
•Relax your senses. Use lavender floral essence, take a warm water bath or pamper yourself with an occasional massage.

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