Top five natural air fresheners

If you are nature lover and wish to feel fresh even while at home, you can yourself plant some of the plants that can keep your room fresh absolutely naturally. Here are some plants that can be used as natural room fresheners. Some help to keep the air fresh, while some help you maintain your mood. All you have to do is to know the details of the natural plants and then use them according to your need.

Natural air fresheners
•Jasmine – Jasmine flowers are beautiful and generally bloom in the evening. It is an excellent room fresheners and air purifies especially in the evening after you have returned from a busy work schedule. The pleasant fragrance can be a lively experience during dinner. The petals can be boiled with water to prepare tea.

•Lavender – Lavender is known for providing relaxation and can be of special use to those who suffer from anxiety, stress headaches or find it difficult to relax. You can plant it in your house and enjoy the natural relaxation and better sleep. It also helps to improve the air quality by purifying it and can be helpful in relaxing the lungs and the mind. It is also a great insect repellent and hence is a must for maintaining good health.

•Mint- This is used as herb and a spice as it has medicinal properties. It has a strong pleasant aroma and is known to clear the airways by providing fresh air for breathing. If you or anyone in your family is suffering from complaints of breathing difficulty or cold, this plant can be extremely beneficial for you.

•Rosemary – This plant can be grown indoors. It has a pleasant aroma and is an important element of essential oils. It helps to purify the room and provide more oxygen for you to breathe. It also helps to free the brain from unwanted emotions and aids in improving the overall brain functioning.

•Basil – This well known herb has a rich aroma with medicinal properties. Having the plant at home helps to keep the air clean naturally. It helps to reduce the carbon dioxide in the room and makes you feel fresh. The leaves can also be used in herbal tea.

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