Easy home therapies for Eczema

Many people suffering from Eczema find it difficult to cure themselves. However, they forget to look back at some home based remedies that have wonderful effect on the body. Some serve the purpose for precautions, while some help in reducing the problem. Eczema is itchy and makes it difficult to perform everyday mundane activities. Some of the following techniques can help you find the best cure for the problem. These will not only relieve the itchiness but also the pain caused due to it.

cotton clothes

Avoid substances that aggravate the problem

Avoiding certain things can help solve the problem. Some of these things are wool, polyester, nylon, plastic, and rubber. All these products flare the problem. If you still wish to wear clothing made of these materials, then you can wear cotton dress inside those. Moreover, avoid using perfumes or deodorants as the chemicals can trigger the problem. Stay away from chemical based powders and use liquid detergents.


Clean laundry

Clothes need to be washed regularly and the beds and bed sheet must be checked for hygiene. Cotton bed sheets are preferred. DIY eczema treatments can help you maintain it. Try washing clothes with warm water, which will help in killing germs.

moisturized skin

Keep skin moisturized

Eczema is caused due to dry skin also. Hence, avoid keeping the skin dry. For this, moisturizers or lotions can be used. Care should be taken to apply it regularly and throughout the day. This will keep it moisturized. Moreover, avoid using chemical based lotions. Crisco vegetable cooking oil can help you keep it moist. Lotions made of herbs or organic oils best suit such sensitive skin.


Diet changes

A small change in the diet can help you solve the problem. Vegetables, fruits, dry fruits etc can help in reducing the health problem. Consulting the physician or pharmacist to understand which diet best suits as a solution to your problem is essential. Acidity aggravates the problem. Hence, it is necessary to keep the acids levels in your body in control. For this, the nutrition supplement ‘kelp’ can be taken, which is readily available in the local market. Moreover, avoiding food products that cause or increase acidity in the body is essential. Keeping a check on the acidity level, can majorly keep the problem at bay.

Eczema is a skin disease caused amongst many. While the disease is chronic, suitable methods and lifestyle can be of great help in reducing the problem.

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