Restore the balance between mind and body with the aid of nature

In a materialistic world where our daily thoughts consist mostly of money, lust, guilt and pleasure, it is difficult to achieve inner peace and wisdom. Technology has given us opportunities and privileges to lead a luxurious life but at the same time, it has taken away our desire to go outdoors and connect with nature.

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Even when we go outdoors, we take our smart phones and tablets with us. Instead of appreciating the beauty of nature around us, we keep our noses buried in the new smart devices. In today’s world, people have become accustomed to living a disconnected life. Due to technology, we are continuously using our brain and living a restricted life where communication is reliant on texts. The only way to reconnect with our emotions is going back to nature and making it a part of our life.

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The virtual world is just that, virtual. Nature is the reality and it is symbolically associated with our bodies. You cannot deny the close relationship between the body and emotions. The offerings of technology have overwhelmed our senses but spending too much time in front of the computer or with the smartphone can make one feel emotionally burdened. For example, if you send someone a text and you observe that they have seen your message yet no response has come from their end, you become upset. This can change your mood and make you feel embarrassed. They may have got entangled in some work or did not know what to reply. It is much better to meet in person or call them.

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Due to the lack of parks and open spaces, we are unable to spend much time in nature, away from technology. The cities are all concrete jungles without few traces of the green but still you should keep on trying and reach out to the nature. Tending green trees in your backyard is an amazingly effective way of reconnecting with nature and spending time away from technology. Go for walks and take a deep breath while outdoors. Learn to appreciate the small bits and pieces of nature that we get to see.

Look at the sky and enjoy its possibilities. If possible, go for small hiking trips on weekends. Long drives through roads which have trees on the sides are also a good option for spending time near nature. Feed birds in the park and take your pet out for strolls.


The idea is to indulge in small outdoor activities that do not require technology. At the same time, it won’t be right to ignore technology because then you will feel left behind.

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