Emotions play a key role in your healing mechanism

The power of will has always been esteemed highly because when we really desire to achieve something with all our concentration and determination, we can make unbelievable things happen. Many medical practitioners have admitted that patients do not die just because of a disease, but also due to their lack of will and desire to live. A disease cannot be fought without the earnest desire and self-will to get better. Our emotions have an uncanny way of affecting our health and the healing process. Positive thoughts and environment promote speedy recovery but depression and a negative ambience can make the condition of the patient deteriorate.

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No individual should rely completely on the doctors, medicines and care takers for healing. They should put efforts on their own for that purpose as well. Apart from taking care of the body and following a proper diet and exercise plans, individuals should also try to control their negative emotions and thoughts. Among all the physiological systems, the bowel movements and digestive system are the ones most affected by our negative emotions.

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Some people complain of having to use the toilet too many times when they are anxious and upset. Healthy gut, on the other hand, plays a vital role in controlling the moods and thoughts of individuals. If you cannot digest your emotions and sort things out mentally, it might be difficult for you to digest your food. Negative emotions impact the body and there is lots of evidence to support this. Stress headaches have become quite a common problem these days. When we are tensed the neck starts paining or heart drums faster. Breathing pattern also changes with change in our thoughts and emotions. All such changes affect blood flow, digestion and absorption of food.


For healing yourself and contributing to improving your health, you must start cleaning the emotional mess inside your head. None of us can totally control negative thoughts. If they are cropping up then there must be some reason behind it. Jealousy, anger, depression, frustration and suspicion are negative emotions with deep roots.


Evaluate your thoughts and go to the core. It’s okay to have these negative emotions but you should come to terms with them. As soon as you learn to deal with these emotions their will be room for other healthy thoughts. They will help you regain your physical vitality and heal your digestion from within.

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