Save yourself from the pain of tooth decay

Oral health reflects overall health conditions of an individual. Tooth decay has become the most common chronic illness for all age group people. Bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason behind tooth decay. Sugar, fatty acids, and other drinks can affect our dental health and can damage teeth. Foods contain sugar acid and starch, which are essential for body but they can harm our teeth.

A regular dentist visit can help people to deal with various oral health problems. Multiple dentistry or cosmetic dentistry procedures can enhance the beauty of your gums, mouth, and smile. It is not important to visit a dentist in order to make your teeth healthy as following DIY methods can stop tooth decay:

i love Alcohol

Avoid alcohol

Alcoholic drinks can lead to various physical and oral problems. It is a drying agent, which can reduce the formation of saliva and can make the environment of your mouth more acidic. It has an ability to soften tooth enamel and can lead to tooth decay. So, it is important to avoid such drinks.

Sweetened beverages

Go sugar free

Excess sugar can be dangerous for your oral health. Sweetened beverages and drinks contain sugar acid that can make the roots of teeth weak and lead to tooth decay. Regular brushing, flossing, and proper dental care can prevent plaque buildup. Drinking mineral water that contains calcium and fluoride can lead to strong teeth. Water containing calcium phosphate can lead to cavity and other dental problems.

1.clove oil

Use garlic and clove oil

Garlic and clove oil has various healing and curative properties. They can release pain, kill germs, and can reduce the pH level in the mouth. Garlic oil and clove oil are wonderful for tooth infection or ache. Its anti-bacterial properties can treat fungal infection, and be an instant painkiller. You can use garlic and clove in multiple ways; for example, you can apply their powder and oil direct on effected teeth. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that can promote healing and release pain.

Cute woman brushes her teeth

Prefer fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste contains calcium carbonates, which helps to remove food bacteria and prevent tooth decay. It also an effective solution for bad breath, gums bleeding, and cavity. Fluoride is a dental friendly mineral that increase the concentration of fluoride in the teeth and make them strong from roots.


Oral health is vital to stay healthy as it related to overall body health. Healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle can lead to healthy gums and teeth.

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