Sex and its effects on your Body

Sex or sexual intercourse is a natural phenomenon performed by all animals for pleasure or reproduction. However, human being uses sexual intercourse as a medium of bonding. Sex is usually meant to provide pleasure that leads to stronger emotional bonds. Sex may reflect any kind of sexual activity not only sexual intercourse. It may be sexual outercourse as well. Sex has its effects on the body and mind of humans. The effects may be positive or negative. Safe sex brings you pleasure though unsafe sex may drag to many life risking difficulties. Sex is also considered as a good way to perform physical exercise as vigorous sex may burn 200 calories. Studies also reveal that sexual activities have lessened the chances of heart strokes in men. Sex can also help prevent migraine pain and arthritis with the help of endorphins released during intercourse. Medical studies also say regular sex for women increases their estrogen production and reduces symptoms of PMS. Sex also reduces the chances of prostate cancer in men. Let us discuss few more effects of sex on human body.

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Having frequent sex helps your mood improve as a result attitude also improves. A good sexual intercourse may eradicate your stress and improve your confidence. A healthy sexual relationship provides you with a positive mind frame and increases your desire to do more exciting things.

Stress Relief

People who remain in stress for most of the time have found sex to be a very effective stress buster. Sex helps you relive your stress as it makes your body relax and enables you breath deep. Sexual intercourse releases endorphins, which help your body in many ways.



More or less sex provides relaxation and pleasure. You should communicate well with your partner before having sex as it would help extract maximum pleasure from your sexual activities. You need to get prepared and prepare your partner as well for a better sex. You may try massage for a better preparation prior sex.


Sex may bring pain for few. The reasons of pain during sexual intercourse include urinary tract infections, vaginal dryness, STD and so on. Vaginal infection leads to bleeding after sex. Sex can also make you suffer from lower back pain.


You should be well aware of the sexual status of your partner. Make sure your partner is not undergoing any sexually transmitted infections (STI). STIs may cause ulceration or they also may lead to acquiring and passing HIV.

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