Simple tips to increase your kid’s appetite

Most kids nitpick during meals. As a result, they not only waste food but also do not get proper nutrition. A healthy appetite in children can sort out this type of problems. Children who have a low appetite do not eat their recess meals and fall sick due to malnutrition. They not able to concentrate in studies and malnutrition affect their body and brain cell growth adversely. Parents are often clueless as to how they can improve the appetite of their kids. In this article, you will get some very useful tips regarding this matter.

8 Ways To Develop Healthy Eating Habit In Kids

Routine meals:

You must foster good eating habits with care in your children. If you fix their meal times and stop them from snacking frequently between major meals then your kids will have more appetite. Feed them at the same time every day. Tell them to finish their work ten minutes earlier so that they can seat themselves on the dining table in time. Make sure that the TV is off, so your kid’s focus is solely on the meal. Stop them from eating unhealthy snacks like chips and chocolates at all times of the day.

Show your creativity:

Kids love spicy and tasty food. You cannot expect them to appreciate the same food day after day. Read cooking blogs and websites to get some idea about cooking healthy yet visually appealing food for your kids. For example, you can decorate a pancake with fruits like strawberry, blueberry and banana, draw a smiley face on sandwiches with sauce and make a fish design with French fries.

Increase their activity:

Active kids have a good appetite. Make your kids participate in some sort of physical activity so that they eat well. You can enroll them in a gym class or swimming club. Dancing and playing different sports can help as well.


Create a happy ambience:

Children are very sensitive. You should create a happy ambience by eating meals with your kids and telling them some mealtime fun stories. You can also play some soothing music that they love. If you are talking with your spouse happily then you children will feel more secure and eat in peace.

Let them help you in cooking:

Take your kids to the supermarket and let them choose the pasta or cereal they want to eat. Cook the meal in their presence and ask for their help in small chores like washing the veggies and juicing the lemons.


It is the duty of the parents to build healthy eating habits in their kids. You should bring variety in the daily meals and create a healthy ambience in your home to increase their appetite.

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