Simple tricks to prevent Stomach Bugs

Simple tricks to prevent Stomach Bugs

Bitten by the stomach bug? Or tending to someone who has? Well then, here are some sure shot remedies that would help you cure the infection as quick as possible and save you the trouble of suffering from the symptoms of the condition and its side effects.


Drink plenty of Grape Juice

Many individuals swear by the effectiveness of fresh grape juice when it comes to dealing with nasty stomach bugs (aka infections). A glass of grape juice is all it takes to keep the stomach bugs and their symptoms at bay.

Go for fresh grape juice and not packaged drinks. If you are suffering from a stomach infection, drink a glass of fresh grape juice at least thrice a day. You can opt to mix some apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon would do) with the juice before drinking it as this would increase the acidic balance of the stomach and create an unfavorable environment for the stomach bugs to survive.

Drinking a glass of fresh grape juice in the morning every day can also keep the stomach bugs away from your system.


Sanitize your Hands regularly

Stomach bugs are very contagious and can easily spread from one person to another via touch easily. Anything that comes in contact with an infected person becomes infected as well. These include towels, bed sheets, plates, cups and even door handles etc. So be safe and keep your hands sanitized at regular intervals.

Keep a hand sanitizing lotion with you at all times and clean your hands regularly. Always wipe plates, cups and other cutlery with a piece of tissue paper (even if you have washed them).

Don’t eat outside

If someone in the house has a stomach infection, chances are others could get it as well. So avoid eating out during this period. Foods eaten at outside eateries can irritate the stomach bugs and aggravate the symptoms of the condition. Cook your meals at home for the most part and avoid foods that can aggravate the infection.

Opt for a good quality Disinfectant Cleaner

It is considered essential to disinfect the house as you clean it in order to prevent the stomach bugs from infecting everyone in the house. Stomach bugs can remain dormant for almost a week and cause reinfections.

So avoid normal cleaners and opt for one that doubles as a disinfectant. In addition to cleaning your house, you would be eradicating active and dormant stomach bugs as well.


Wash Clothes and Linen in Hot Water

Clothes, towels, bed sheets, pillow cases and curtains can act as carriers of germs which can latch onto them and cause reinfections even after a week. So make it a point to wash your clothes and other linen as frequently as possible (maybe every day).

Another useful tip to prevent stomach bugs involves washing clothes and linen in hot water. Hot water can kill bacteria present in the laundry. Using a dryer at HIGH speed to dry the laundry can also be beneficial when compared to a clothesline.


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