Sleeping disorders that may sound very weird

Sleeping disorders that may sound very weird

Sleep is one of the major parts of our life as it is the time when our body relaxes and repairs. The brain of an individual is highly active during their sleep and body remains inactive. Many people suffer from various sleeping disorders. Some of most weird and odd sleeping disorders include sleeping beauty syndrome, sexomnia, adult bed-wetting, somniloquy, somnambulism, and narcolepsy.

Sleeping beauty Syndrome


The patient sleeps for most of the day and night in a sleeping disorder. It is a rare sleeping disorder with around 1000 confirmed cases in the world. It is a psychological problem that usually affects teens but can also show up in adults. An episode of this syndrome can last for 10 years or more. A person with this disorder may take a sleep of up to 20 hours a day. Episodes can come on frequently and can last for days, weeks, months, and years.


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Sexomnia is a rare sleeping disorder in which a person in a deep sleep will get up and will act out sexually. It is an abnormal activity that occurs during a specific kind of sleep. This condition is similar to sleepwalking but medically, it is a different condition. Drugs and alcohol addiction can increase the risk of sexomnia.

Adult bed-wetting


It is a common sleeping disorder, which can occur in both men and women. In this type of disorder, people lose their bladder control during the night. It can be genetic and can cause because of diabetes, acute anxiety, emotional disorders, urine stones, and urinary tract infection.



It is a sleep-talking disorder in which people talk while sleeping. Somniloquycan range from mumbling sounds to lowed shouts and may occur several times during single sleeping cycle. It often occurs in small children. It can be an early sign of serious sleep disorder or health conditions in some cases. It is better to see an expert if symptoms of this problems present themselves.


Somnambulism (2)

Somnambulism is a psychological disorder in which an individual get up and start walking in his sleep. It is not a serious problem and can occur in any age. Alcohol, drugs, mental stress, and anxiety can lead to this problem.


sleep apnea

This chronic enological disorder that can affect the cycle of sleep and wakefulness. People with this situation can experience excessive sleep during the daytime. They may experience sudden sleep attacks during their work.


Many people in the world suffer from different sleeping disorders. Some sleeping disorders are common and normal, but some may need special medical care.

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