Stop your Stressing: The Best Supplements for Stress & Anxiety

Natural supplements for stress and anxiety symptoms chronic stress supplements

You know the clues: tight muscles, tension headaches, rapid thoughts, panic attacks, insomnia. Stress and anxiety are no joke when it comes to the well-being of your mind and body. But the worst part is trying to get it to stop.

We’re tired of carrying the weight of our stress and feeling overwhelmed with our anxieties. And so are you! So, we’ve researched the best supplements for stress and anxiety to help us finally get that much-needed (and well-deserved) rest. But before we dig into the list, let’s try to understand the impact that stress and anxiety have on our physical and mental health.

The Truth About Stress and Anxiety

No one enjoys being anxious and stressed out. Those feelings are uncomfortable at best and paralyzing at worst. Yet they’re more than feelings, they’re actually hurting your mind and body! Yet studies suggest that feelings of stress and anxiety have a profound impact on every single area of your body, including your mental and physical health.

And it’s not exactly like you’re alone in this — especially lately. Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they’re stressed or anxious. And about one-third of adults in the United States say that stress is a regular player in their day-to-day lives. That doesn’t even consider the thousands of individuals who have generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or chronic depression!

Whichever group you may fall into, you’ve certainly experienced the unwelcome symptoms of stress and anxiety:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Shallow breathing
  • Tense muscles
  • Irritable mood
  • Concentration issues
  • Poor memory
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks

There are two types of stress; acute and chronic. 

  • Acute stress is temporary. This is what you feel when you’re waiting for a medical diagnosis, have a full calendar, or are prepping for an important meeting or conversation.
  • Chronic stress is ongoing. This means a consistent sense of feeling pressured and overwhelmed over a long period of time. It’s exhausting, and it’s extremely hard on your heart, brain, hormonal balance, and digestion. Chronic stress can even lead to heart issues, high blood pressure levels, and adrenal fatigue.

So what can help? Our fast-paced world is always eager for the next best relaxation technique for mental health, like a new form of yoga, a meditation app, or breathing exercises. While some techniques can relieve your stress or reduce anxiety, we’re on the hunt for all-natural supplements that can bust through tension and get us back to normal!

The 3 Best Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Natural supplements for stress and anxiety symptoms chronic stress supplements

We get it, the last thing you want to do when you’re tense is research the best supplements for stress and anxiety. So we’ve done the work for you! Turn your frown upside down, the sky’s the limit, to infinity and beyond — let’s bust through your stress with one of these natural supplements.

  1. The #1 Best Supplement for Stress: Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill
  2. Non-drowsy option to soothe your mind and body: Terry Naturally AnxioCalm

1. Best Supplement for Stress: Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill

Natural supplements for stress and anxiety symptoms chronic stress supplements

This vitamin delivers on its promise: “Less stress. More happy!” Stressed out about work deadlines? Carrying extra tension in your muscles? Feeling anxious about something out of your control? Take a Chill Pill — literally!

Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill is a blend of all-natural, non-addictive herbal ingredients. It gets rid of your stress and all of its unwelcome side effects; poor sleep, brain fog, mood, energy, and muscles. It’s the whole package when it comes to reducing stress!

  • Less stress, more happy.
  • Less insomnia, more sleep.
  • Less brain fog, more focus.
  • Less bad mood, more joy.
  • Less fatigue, more energy.
  • Less tension, more calm.

What makes Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill one of the best supplements for stress? Well, it actually works! We know that sometimes natural supplements aren’t as powerful as mainstream options, but that’s not the case with Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill. It’s earned its street cred when it comes to stress and anxiety!

What’s more, the Lively Vitamin Co. is a family-run business, and their owners are as lively as they come! But they aren’t willing to sacrifice quality or rush new products. Their products are natural, effective, and affordable!

2. Best Supplement for Stress: Terry Naturally AnxioCalm

No one wants to go from uptight muscles to droopy eyelids. Cue Terry Naturally AnxioCalm, one of the best supplements for anxiety that soothes tension without making you sleepy. ​​

What’s the secret? There’s only one primary ingredient on the label: narrow-leaved coneflower. Even the most avid gardeners probably haven’t heard of this ancient herb, but don’t let that fool you!

This root is top-notch when it comes to anxiety relief. It tampers down your anxiety symptoms like having a hard time concentrating, feeling nervous, relentless worrying, and an increased heart rate. It targets exactly what you need: general stress and anxiety.

  • Focus better
  • Less nervous tension
  • Improve mood
  • Stop worrying
  • Normal heart rhythm

The best part? Your mind and body are relaxed but you’re not falling asleep! Drowsiness and sleepiness don’t accompany this anxiety supplement. So you really can say goodbye to stress and anxiety without feeling like a zombie, thanks to Terry Naturally AnxioCalm.

Bye-bye stress and anxiety

Ready to reset and rebalance your brain and body? Pick a stress relief supplement that contains good-for-you ingredients!

  • Stick with all-natural supplements for stress. Plant- and food-based nutrients are easy for our body to absorb and use, while the nutrients in synthetic supplements aren’t as effective.
  • Make sure it’s safe to take daily. Stress and anxiety supplements should be safe for daily or regular use. (That’s another benefit of natural ingredients versus synthetic ones!)
  • It should target both the mind and body. The best supplements for stress and anxiety will help both physical and mental health.
  • Read reviews. We may not be shopping on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t scope out what other buyers are saying.

Here’s to a brighter tomorrow — sans stress and anxiety!

  1. The #1 Best Supplement for Stress: Lively Vitamin Co. Chill Pill
  2. Non-drowsy option to soothe your mind and body: Terry Naturally AnxioCalm

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