Sweet potatoes are our sweet health buddies

Sweet potatoes are readily available on the market and are inexpensive but they provide some very big health benefits to its consumers. Here is a rundown on the qualities of sweet potatoes, which makes them worth providing us humans so many health benefits:

Loaded with beta-carotene

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As you know, bet-carotene is another name for vitamin A that is extremely essential for human health. Vitamin A is a superb anti-oxidant that cleanses you body inside out. Beta-carotene fights harmful UV rays and repairs damages done to your skin cells. One sweet potato serves complete vitamin A daily allowance recommendation.

Loaded with the sunshine vitamin

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The sunshine vitamin or the vitamin D our body produces when it gets enough sunlight. Vitamin D is the energy regulator, takes care of our mood, keeps our bones healthy, and is essential for the health of our skin, teeth, heart, and nerves. Inadequate exposure to sunlight makes our bodies’ vitamin D deficient; one can come over this deficiency by consuming sweet potatoes, as they contain vitamin D in abundance.

Good source of vitamin C

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Vitamin C protects us from cold and other allergies, and keeps functions like digestion, blood cell formation, and tooth and bone formation under control. It also keeps our skin fresh and young, and accelerates the wound healing time. There are many sources of vitamin D and sweet potato is one of them.

Many minerals in one

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Minerals perform so many vital functions in our body. Potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, calcium, and sodium are some of the essential minerals human body demands, and you find all these minerals in a sweet potato. One must give up chemical mineral supplements and start consuming sweet potatoes every day.

Controls blood sugar and maintains energy level

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Sweet potatoes are sweet but the sugar found in them is not harmful as they have a low glycemic index. It means sweet potatoes slowly release sugar in our bloodstream, which is in contrast to other starchy foods that release sugar rapidly. The slow release of sugar means a stable supply of energy, which keeps a person energetic all the time, and not like over energetic at one time and dull and lifeless at another.

Not many people consume sweet potatoes as they think of it as a food item that is easily available and cheap and with no health benefits. Probably such people are ignorant about the great health benefits of sweet potatoes.

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