Technology and its physical effects on children

Technology and its physical effects on children

The world has grown to embrace technology like never before. As such, even our children tend to get drawn into the world of televisions, computers, MP3s, iPods, DVD players, internets and video games etc. from a very small age. However, what would these technological advancements have in store for a child’s physical development? Let’s take a look to find out.

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The effects of technology on physical development

Although gadgets like televisions, computers and video games may enable to engage the mind of a child, sadly, they limit active physical participation. This alarming blend of physical inactivity and technological activity can lead to conditions like obesity in many cases. It has also been noted that exposure to violence in movies and video games have led to increased instances of bullying, fighting, delinquency and violent criminal behavior in school going kids.


Continued exposure to technological activity, while limiting physical activity, can also limit the social skills of a child as he/she grows. Children today, hardly venture out of the house to play with others, preferring to watch cartoons or play video games instead. This could lead them to act inappropriately in public places or become inept at communicating effectively with others. Identity crisis is also a major concern with kids taking on the identity of their favorite cartoon/movie/game character without establishing their own unique identity.

Possible remedies

Try to strike a proper balance between physical exercise and technological activity in children as soon as they start walking. Parents need to turn into role models for their children by switching off the television and avoiding the use of gadgets like phones or iPods during meals. Limiting the number of hours a child gets to view the TV or computer every day can also help disengage him/her from technology.


Many parents also tend to join the children in some extracurricular activity classes for the same purpose. Kids should also be encouraged to go out and play with others on a regular basis. While online videos can act as basic instructions for play and sports, parents would need their kids to go out and put these instructions into practice; so that they can truly understand the latter better. Practice is always better than theory.


Technology is here to stay and there is no way a parent can shut it out from his/her child. The only way to prevent kids from becoming technological dependent and physically inactive would be to encourage them to create a balance between both worlds in order to benefit from both.

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