How technology can assist children affected by cerebral palsy

How technology can assist children affected by cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that affects children and causes problems associated with muscle movement. It is mostly caused by damage to the brain before the age of five years. Cerebral palsy is known to affect children in the United States in large numbers with almost 500,000 children known to be suffering from the disease.


Since the mobility and movement of a child are affected, many different medications and therapies have been used as treatment methods. Technology has also been used increasingly for helping these children affected by Cerebral palsy. Technological devices have been devised which can help children progressively as they develop. Let us look at some of the ways by which children affected by Cerebral palsy could be treated.


  • Replacement of speech

Speaking is a basic way for any child to communicate his or her own needs. However, since cerebral palsy sometimes affects speech, it may well be necessary to switch to technology in order to help these children with their speech. An electronic or a manual communication board is a vital tool in this context. Any child can communicate easily by using these boards, whatever they wish to convey. These boards contain letters, which could be used easily and conveniently by children affected by cerebral palsy.


  • Performing daily chores

Children affected by Cerebral palsy cannot perform daily chores related to muscle movement effectively. Thus, devices have been manufactured to help these children perform their routine work. Devices such as rubber pencil grip helps a child with muscle problems hold a pencil easily, while those with visual ailments could use products such as Braille readers and talking books.


Computers have also played a great role in assisting these children. Cerebral palsy affected children can easily use computers for playing games or surfing the internet. Touch screen systems have been manufactured for children with muscle impairment can use easily.

Depending on the abilities of a child affected by cerebral palsy, different technological devices could be used to make the child feel comfortable to perform most things that a normal child would do. It is important however that a child must have willingness to complete a task before technology can be used to assist him or her in completing the task. Also, the ability to use technological devices must also be taken into account before getting devices for a child affected by cerebral palsy.


Cerebral palsy is a major disorder that affects children and makes it difficult for them to perform their daily chores. However, technology has evolved in various ways to help these children in achieving their routine work.

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