The link between opera or Gospel singing and obesity

This is a most common stereotype among people that there is a well-established link between opera or gospel singing and obesity. Whenever we think of opera singing, some obese chubby singers come to our mind who sing with amazing pitch and ability. But is this really true that all the opera singers are obese or is there any connection of this kind of singing with obesity?

All the opera singers are not fat


This is only a stereotype and a myth that the opera singers are generally obese. Many of the famous opera singers are quite fit and have an average body. Opera singing is one of those fields where the actual talent is clearly given the priority by the audiences rather than the physical appearances. It is a generalized thinking of people regarding the opera singers, especially the females, that they are plump. But in reality opera singing has nothing to do with obesity.

The probable reason for some singers to be fat


The most common reasons for some of the singers to be plump which also makes people think about all the singers to be fat may be their tough job. As it is high-stress job where singers have to perform for hours during their rehearsals, recordings and stage performances along with traveling for long hours, it sometimes results in weight gain of these performers. Because of their long hours dedicated to traveling and singing, many times they neglect their personal fitness regime and exercises which are extremely important for a fit body. Along with this, they also don’t get enough sleep time and consume alcohol and have unhealthy food. Because of these reasons, most of the opera singers gain excess fat.

Is there any relation between obesity and better singing skills?


There is absolutely no relation between being obese and having better singing skills. In fact, being in shape is more advantageous as the singers can breathe easily and sustain long phrases because of their fit body. Singers with a fit body and a healthy weight can also move freely on the stage and perform better. The thing which actually relates to their increased weight is that their performance is not affected by their body weight in a great sense like it affects others like the dancers and actors. Their performances directly depend on their physical appearance and they necessarily have to watch their weight in order to perform well.

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