Tips to avoid weight gain while quitting smoking

Although the trend now is vaporizing with portable vaporizers, we still have seen people smoking cigarettes around quite often. Working professionals have indulged themselves in smoking to relieve stress.  After smoking for many years, the smokers face many problems concerned to their health so they decide to quit smoking for good. However, the apprehension of gaining few extra pounds holds them back. They get a new excuse to continue with their habit of nicotine intake. Quitting smoking does increase body weight up to maximum five to 10 pounds. Though it is not a huge gain in weight against the gain to be received after quitting smoking, people do show too much concern about the weight gain. The weight gain while trying to quit smoking can be avoided if few precautions are taken.


Clinical research confirms that the intake of nicotine in body increases the metabolism rate, which helps in controlling the body weight as calories keep on burning. When you stop smoking at once, your metabolic rate may drop down and if you continue to take the same amount of calories, you may gain few pounds soon.

Let us discuss few things to remember when you try to quit smoking.

As nicotine is an appetite killer, smokers do not feel hungry and they take minimal diet, which even makes them unhealthy and thin. If they quit smoking, they get their appetite back and need to have more food. Here they need to become a bit cautious. They should take small amount of food at regular intervals. You should have less or zero calorie foods as well. Few of the smokers believe that having sweets or chocolates help them quit smoking. However, it is not true and they might end up putting extra weight. You can rather have sugar free gums, candies, carrot sticks, sliced sweet pepper and so on.

You should keep yourself busy in doing something where you cannot smoke nor you can eat frequently. It can be successfully done if you go to watch a movie, concert or visiting a library or any public place where smoking is prohibited.


You can even start going to gym to exercise, as it will help, you stay healthy and avoid weight gain exceptionally. You can also start running or quick walking to remain away from fat getting deposited in your body. Even if you put some extra weight to get rid of your bad habit, it should not matter a lot to you. If you have decided to quit smoking, it is commendable and it will add years to your life. You need to be in control to enjoy those healthy years without inviting any other diseases.

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