Tips to Help Children with Speech Disorders

The development of language skills can vary from one child to another. Children with speech disorders have a hard time expressing their feelings and in some cases face difficulties in understanding spoken or written language. Speech issues in children are often complicated. Many things can affect the speech of a child. Some can be controlled and some are out of reach.

The goal of this article is to give an overview how we can help such children to cope up with these speech disorders.

Drink with straw: Teach your child to use a straw to drink liquids (milk, juice, water, etc.) as this will help to fortify the muscles in the mouth which will help them improve in their speech.

baby boy watching television

Television: The background noise can often be a problem for the children. TV in the background does not boost development. Children with extended periods of television watching can lack in development. This is because when the TV is on parents tend not to talk with their children.

Things that are hard to reach: Sometimes putting things outreach can be of huge help, as they have to ask help to get it. Teaching them to communicate their needs properly can be of huge help. If children need something, they are likely to speak it out. This helps in the challenges with speech in children.

Its playtime: Put down a cotton ball on the floor and tell your child to blow the cotton ball and make it move by using a straw as this will help the oral muscles to become stronger which will help with speech disorders.

Sign language

Sign language: Human interaction is the key in complex language development. Children with speech disorders become frustrated when interacting with children who cannot speak properly as they cannot share their feelings through talking. Sign language can address the problem that such children face as it has a correlation with speech.

Praising can be a cure: In this case, parent’s involvement can be a key factor. Their participation in praising can have a philosophical effect on the children who cannot speak properly as it will increase their self-esteem and confidence.

The above points can be of great help in speech issues in children. During the process, parents need to be patient and sportive. Dealing with the issue as a team is better than putting most of the pressure on the child. By being open, truthful and concerned, you can help your child overcome his or her speech disorder. Challenges with speech in children can be overcome with the full involvement and hard work of the parents and children.

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