Treat Your Taste buds with these Rare Delicacies

Snake Wine

When you travel, you get a chance to experience different cultures and one thing, which significantly has a glance of one’s culture, is food. Many weird delicacies of the world have ingredients you can never think of. If you want to know about these dishes, keep reading. So here is the list of delicacies made from ingredients you can never think of:

Fried tarantulas (Cambodia):

Fried tarantulas

In this dish tarantulas are fried whole- legs, fangs and all. Locals say they taste delicious when plucked straight from the burrow and fried in a pan with a bit of garlic and salt. They are mushy on the inside with flavor resembling chicken and quite crunchy on the outside.

Birds nest soup (China):

You wouldn’t think that a bird’s nest would be suitable for eating, but the Chinese swift’s nests are. You must be imagining how a nest made out of twigs and leaves is edible but swiftlets make their nests mainly out of their saliva, which is entirely edible.



Surstomming truly consists of ingredients you can never think of – fermented Baltic herring, which is caught in spring when it’s just about to spawn and fermented in barrels for a few months before it is tinned where the fermentation continues for more months.


Sannakji is a rare dish consisting of a live octopus. Live octopus is cut into piece. They are lightly weathered with sesame oil and served right immediately. The first thing that you will notice is that the tentacles are still moving on the plate. The first obstacle is eating with the chopsticks and getting the tentacles into the mouth, and once the octopus is in your mouth, the tentacles wriggle during chewing that makes it difficult to eat.

Snake Wine (Vietnam):

Snake Wine

In the list of weird delicacies of the world, snake wine is always worth mentioning. Snake wine is a rice wine bottle with a poisonous snake. The snake is left in rice wine for several months. It has a pink color due to the snake’s blood and believed to have medicinal purposes. Some locals say ethanol neutralizes the venom so it is not so hazardous.

These may be favorite dishes of natives but to some this food really looks strange or even dangerous. All the dishes have a unique ingredient and special history attached to it. So if you are planning to visit these countries, must try these wired delicacies made from ingredients you can never think of.

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