Tips to improve skin health while in the steam room

Tips to improve skin health while in the steam room

Steam rooms are saunas are commonly found in many fitness centers and health clubs. These rooms provide manifold benefits for the human body, including offering relief from sinus congestions and joint/muscle pains. They also help improve blood circulation and enhance immune system health and performance. Another well-known benefit of a steam room is improvement in skin health. Steam rooms cause excessive sweating which helps open the pores on the skin and flush out dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and other impurities, leaving skin looking rejuvenated and radiant. So if you are planning to use a steam room for your skin treatment, here are some tips you can follow to enable the same.



Use the Steam Room Regularly

Using the steam room once in two months or so is not going to benefit your skin. If you want to get the best benefits of using a steam room, you need to use it at least thrice every week, and should spend a minimum of 15 minutes or so inside the room each time.

Remove Makeup

Make it a point to remove all the makeup from your face and body before entering the steam room. In addition to clogging up the pores and reducing the effectiveness of the steam on the skin, makeup can enter the pores that open up due to the heat, and cause breakouts and infections.

Tie Back your Hair

Leaving your hair untied in a steam room can become very unbearable as the heat builds up. In addition to individual strands of hair sticking to your body, the oil in your hair can enter the pores and block them, or lead to infections and breakouts.

Wear a Towel

Entering the steam room in a tight bathing suit would both reduce the effectiveness of the steam on the body, and cause breakouts and skin rashes. You would also feel pretty uncomfortable in tight clothes inside a steam room. So make it a point to wear only a soft towel when you enter the steam room.

It also pays to take along some extra towels to sit on in the steam room. The benches in the steam room can heat up and cause blisters in case you have sensitive skin.

Take a Cool Shower

Take a cool shower immediately after coming out of the steam room. In addition to cooling your body and mind, it would replenish the hydration levels in the body. Again, taking a cool shower right after a steam bath would help rinse off the impurities that were flushed to the skin surface during the steam bath.


Steam rooms would definitely help rejuvenate your skin and make you look radiant. Just be sure you follow these tips when opting for a steam bath in order to reap its benefits wholesomely.

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