Top 4 bike accessories every cyclist should have

While cycling gears and a biker’s helmet are basic biking essentials, there are a few more accessories to use, which will ensure a safe and challenging ride for you. The post below outlines the top 4 accessories every cyclist should have to make the most of their bike ride.

1. Laser LED bike light


led laser bike light

Bike lights are nothing new but it is the new advanced “laser” quotient, which renders an edgy touch to them. Laser LED bike light are one of the bike accessories every cyclist should have. The state of the art Laser LED bike lights produce a clear white light & a cycle laser image that beam up blind spots and junctions where the cyclist is otherwise unseen. Put simply, these lights make your rides even safer than before. As a responsible rider, you probably already use decent lights while riding in dark. However, drivers can often find it difficult to see bikes on the road after sunset. The high end laser LED bike lights will make sure the rider is clearly visible to eliminate risks of collisions.

2. Cycle power meter


power meter

If you are a professional cyclist aspiring to win a championship; then rcycling power meters are one of the bike accessories every cyclist should have. You need to gauge your power output while training for competitions and power meters will provide a reading of your performance. You will get all the data about your ride like cadence, distance & miles/hour. With a power meter installed on your bike, you can measure your present FTP and then compare the rate with your FTP later- to see how much you have progressed. Heart-rate monitors are also used to measure performance but power meters offer a more accurate and neutral reading in comparison.

3. Bike mount phone bar

Bike mount phone bar

No, we should not be on the phone while riding, yet we also cannot deny the indispensable presence of mobile phones in our life. You are definitely going to carry your smartphone while you ride and this is where you need a sturdy bike mount phone bar. The mounted bar will hold your phone in place so that you don’t miss out on important calls and messages on the road.

4. Bike accessories every cyclist should have – GPS bike tracker


GPS tracking devices are completely invisible and the thieves will rarely realize the bike they are stealing is being tracked. The best part about these trackers is they keep on transmitting data about the exact location of your bike via your mobile phone. So, the moment you notice any unusual movement with your bike, thanks to the installed GPS tracker, you can catch the robber red-handed.

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