Top tips to get relief from migraine

What is Migraine?

Migraine is a complex and severe painful recurrent headache. It is often accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. Severe pain of migraine can lasts for an hour and even for a day.During the headache,an artery outside of the skull, just under the skin enlarges. This causes release of chemicals causing pain, and further widening of the artery. Women suffers from severe migraines combined with visual disturbances may be at an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.


Change in life style:-

Good food habits combine with healthy life style can gift a better result to the migraine patients. The severity and the recurrence of this problem can be reduced, if, we ensure few of them.


Food habit:-

Skipping meals is one of the cause of migraine attack. Hence, regular intake of food is helpful. High salt intake may trigger migraine. Several nutrients in foods can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks like Magnesium, riboflavin, calcium and vitamin D. Fishes with omega-3 fatty acids likesalmon, halibut, herring, mackerel, tuna, sardines, and cod are very good for migraine sufferers.

Crimini mushrooms, calf liver, and spinach are also some excellent food sources enriched with vitamin B-2. Garlic ,chili peppers, onion, basil or rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper, or mustard seed, cumin, curry or cilantro are some of the healthy and amazing test maker spices can be taken by the migraine patients.


Sleep habit:-

A migraine patient should have a good night’s sleep. Changes in sleep patterns may cause insomnia and migraine. Hence, a regular sleep schedule should be followed. Changing work schedules and jet lag also affects the sleep cycles and the quality of sleep and trigger migraines. Get up and go to bed routine helps nicely.


Room Environment:-

A migraine patient should have a sound sleep. A cool and a dark room is the best way to ensure that. As we know light sometimes aggravates migraine sensitivity.



Sleep and relaxation for long is kind of reward during the weekends. But being in bed for a long time also give welcoming signal to migraine. Morning fresh air is very relaxing. Hence, wake up as per routine time, and open the windows and relax for some time more and try de-stressing techniques like Meditate, pray and practice breathing exercises etc.

Medication Errors


Anti-inflammatory painkillers are the best when the pain is severe and intolerable.Over the counter medication likeTylenol and Ibuprofen may often be effective in treating low-level migraines.Sleep and relaxation, immediately after taking the medicines helps a lot to reduce the pain in short time.

Pain Smaller

Few other treatments:-

Use of ice pack, soak one or both hands in icy water up to the tolerance level and take bath with lights turn off are few treatments to get rid of severe migraine pain.

These are few the top tips to get relief from migraine.

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