Top tips to exercise at home for removing post natal fat

Removal of post natal fat definitely takes some time. You need to rigidly follow some exercises and control your diet so that it can happen as smoothly and without any kind of hassles. Yoga exercises along with some more free hand and abdominal muscle exercises will help you to remove fat easily.


Stretching exercises 

You need to be in complete rest after giving birth to a child. Rigid or stressful exercises should not be tried at this point of time. The best way is to lie straight in bed with your spine and your buttock straight with a pillow behind your back. Then try and pull your stomach muscles inwards and then let go as smoothly.

Contraction and relaxation is a great way to reduce stomach muscles if you follow this regularly. This is not stressful either. If you are not in much pain, you can also pull your legs to your abdomen or lift your legs towards the ceiling and then count ten and let go.

PS: This is not for mummies who have had a C section.



Twisting is a good form of exercise that helps you to reduce fat from the waists. It also helps to reduce the uterus. Pull your abdomen inwards and count twenty and then let go.

Continue this exercise for 10 minutes. Sit on a chair, and then stretch your hands back. Inhale and exhale slowly and try pulling back your tummy. Also try rotating your chest in opposite directions. This works magic on fat.


Yoga exercises

Try Yoga exercises that will help you to strengthen and tighten your belly and your chest muscles. This also helps to lower the back pain. Bend your knees while lying down and keep feet against the walls. Try and keep your lower back against the floor and try to breathe in and breath out. While you inhale, keep your spine to the ground and while exhaling try curling your upper back off the ground. Try repeating this for 10 times.

Exercising would make you feel fresh and rejuvenated and it would also help you to reduce the fat from your abdomen. Try out these exercises and be the new you. 


All mummies gain some amount of fat around their bellies and thighs after delivery. This is a known fact. However there are ways in which you can get back to your once upon a time slim and trim figure, with a little bit of exercise. Here are some tips on how.

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