Ten fitness tips for warmer weather…

Fitness must feature high on the list of our priorities. Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some tips which will ensure your fitness even in the warmer weather.


1.warming up is essential

Many people do not understand the importance of warm up exercises. They directly go for the difficult exercises. But it is important to understand that the warm up exercises prepare us mentally and physically for the work out session. It is very integral part of the work out session and should not be neglected. Give at least 15-20 minutes for warming up.


2. speed training does not mean running at the end of the work out

If you are focusing on speed training then running or sprinting must be done right after the warm up exercises. This will of no use if you do it at the end of the work out session. This is because at the beginning when the central nervous system is fresh and active then sprinting helps in speed training. Alos the suration of speed training is a very crucial factor.


3.strength training

It is especially suitable for young female athletes. Simple techniques like kettleball  deadlifts,  or pull ups or rows focusing on each arm at a time will immensely help in strengthening the core.


4. hamstring exercises

If you are having tight hamstrings then find a good instructor for guiding you on how to tackle your pelvis area and breathe easily . The concept of lying back is not for you as you will always end up pulling your hamstring muscles.

Watching belly girth


Dieting is essential but do not go for crash diets. Instead make it a habit to eat healthy and alowly turn it into a habit so that dieting or no dieting you always eat healthy.


6.walking is the key.

Walking is very good for health, as we all know. Going for long walks will help you absorb fresh air and thus overall health is boosted.


7.focus on your abs

If you want to flaunt great abds then do not water time and energy on a crunching machine. Instead go to your kitchen and discard all the junk food you have piled up there. Eat healthy and go for strength training.

Long Distance Runner

8 Sprinters

Runners must focus both on strength training and power building.


9.declerate gradually

Decelerating or changing the form of exercise must be mastered slowly.


10.look at the mirror

The mirror will never lie to you. So understand what are your problem areas.

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