Travel kit for you

Travel kit for you

Many professionals are often involved in national and international travel as a part of their job. This requires lot of preparation and regular travelers mostly have their bags always packed ready to go. While this is just a part of profession for many, there are many other factors involved in it and the main focus is your health.


This is especially important for those who are diagnosed for certain illnesses or those with a tendency of certain ailments. Something that you can pay attention to it is a travel kit, which can be kept ready just like your luggage. Commercial travel kits are also available and you can also prepare one at home.

Do it yourself

You can prepare your won travel kit by keeping in view your health conditions and other personal considerations or medical advice. The contents should include in the travel kit can be decided as per the type and duration of travel, the place and the climate and your specific needs.

The travel kit should provide medical assistance for your prevailing health conditions and any changes that can occur during travel, common minor ailments and other preventions to be taken during travelling.


Remember to carry prescriptions with all the details for your medications advised by your physician. Carry the entire set of your medicines and other things advised. Some common medicines for common complaints include, fever and pain medicines, stomach upset and travel sickness.

First aid

First Aid

The first aid kit would require you to be prepared for any injury and would contain cotton swabs, bandages, antiseptic cream, sunburn cream, a pair of gloves.


Other simple preventive measure may include insect repellents; water purification medicine, etc. make sure you have an emergency card detailing your name, medical history, blood group, any allergies, any emergency medicine to be given, contact details and the contact of your doctor.

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