Understanding how Human Growth Hormones relate to muscle building

Human growth hormones undeniably have a beneficial effect on bodybuilding, as these hormones boost muscle growth at many levels and increase one’s endurance levels as well, which allow body builders to work out for much longer periods. HGH enhances the recovery time as well, which means that body builders can bounce back from training sessions faster. These factors allow body builders build those enviable muscles, as they can train harder, due to the additional support from HGH.

How does HGH work

HGH increases the metabolism of a person which results in burning more fats. Due to this, a body builder can achieve the shape he wants. Even if there is any weight gain, it is distributed equally all over the body, in the muscles.

Quality of HGH is of utmost importance; so, while researching for sources online, you would definitely come across some reliable ones that not only ensure to provide you with quality products but ease of access as well.

HGH helps in regeneration of damaged tissues and speeds up the healing process which is very useful during training when injuries occur. Joints and bones are strengthened by HGH.

Without sufficient protein, you cannot build your body. When you use HGH, your body can absorb more proteins per meal.

What is the best time to use HGH


To get full benefit, you must use HGH consistently at the correct time. This is in fact, a crucial factor. There are many theories and strategies regarding the best time to administer HGH, as it reacts with other body hormones, such as insulin.

According to experts, HGH is best injected when insulin levels are low in the body, which could be after a workout. You can inject HGH 15-20 minutes after a workout. Many bodybuilders use HGH twice a day, once after working out and once before going to bed, as insulin level is low at this time too. If you want, you can get up in the night and take it as insulin levels are lowest then.

HGH does not require any detox after a cycle, as there is no danger of toxicity if legitimate, reliable, good quality HGH is used.

You can also inject human growth hormones on an empty stomach in the morning, whether you are on a bulking or cutting regime. The other injection can be taken before bedtime, as mentioned earlier. Both injections should be of equal quantity.

The best way to administer HGH is via sub-q injections or if you want faster effect, intramuscular injections. 

What is the HGH body building protocol

The most common protocol used is ED (every day) and EOD (every other day). ED is more effective and you will have faster fat loss and muscle growth, whereas using EOD (if ED is too expensive for you) is also fine as you can continue using HGH for longer duration. You can rotate and balance ED and EOD according to your requirement.

Eat as much as you can, increasing both protein and carbohydrate consumption and reap the benefits of using HGH while building your body.

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