Useful DIY Massage Routines that Every Runner Must Follow

Self-massage is one of the most useful ways of easing muscle tension after you complete a session of intense workout. The pressure exerted during a DIY massage helps to release knots, says Jessica Simpson, a Miami-based sport massage professional. Additionally, the circular as well as stroking movement help in stimulating blood flow and flush extra waste from all the muscles.

 self massage

DIY Massage as Main Element of Training

According to Jessica, “Self-massage can be considered an integral element of training which helps us prepare for, and recuperate from, big competitions”. At the time of massage, do slow passes over all the different muscle groups and if there are any tender spots then you will have to hold pressure over them for some seconds.

Various Self-massage Routines

 Hamstrings massage


For this DIY massage routine, first you will have to sit on ground and relax the left hamstring by folding the knee. After that, grip the leg with both hands in a way that fingers of both hands point at each other and start making small circular movements to move down towards the base from the top. Repeat the same with the right leg.

 Quads self massage


For this massage technique, you will have to sit on the chair and put the right forearm on the thigh. Next step would be to lean forward and press down the forearm on the leg. After that, gradually glide the right forearm and work towards your knee. Repeat this same process with the left forearm.

 Calves self massage_1


Put your right foot on the chair, hold the leg with both hands, and press up towards knee from ankle. After some rotations, you should squeeze your calf with thumbs and make small circles. Do the same with the left leg.

 Soles of Feet

Soles of Feet:

For this routine, you need to put a small ball under your left feet. Be in a standing position and put all your weight over the ball. Gradually move the ball from toes towards heel and same way in the opposite direction. Spread the toes wide while the ball comes into this section. The same process is to be followed for the right foot as well.


It is essential to keep the body in proper condition and massage is quite beneficial in this regard. Do-it-yourself massage techniques are quite effective in relieving pain as well as relaxing our muscles and since we do it ourselves, we are able to feel the relaxation that the massage routine provides.

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