Walking burns more calories than you may think

People mostly believe that walking does not burn as much calories as other exercises, such as running, squats, etc. So they pay less attention towards walking, but scientists from Southern Methodist University have revealed that walking at a medium speed helps in burning ten-percent more calories, whereas twenty-percent more calories are burnt while walking at a fast pace. This new equation by the experts is four times accurate and works irrespective of the speed, weight and height of the person. 

Aim to improve the existing standardized equations

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ACSM and Pandolf are the standardized equations that determine the calories burnt while walking and base the walking metabolism data from limited people. The team of experts reveals that these equations are incorrect, as they do not consider the different body types. For them, one size fits all. Keeping this in mind, the scientists made an approach towards improving the existing standards and considered the new equation by drawing database from different sized individuals. Examination on these individuals was done on firm and leveled ground. The results showed that heavy people have the tendency to burn fewer calories per pound while walking as compared to lightweight people.

New equation is more accurate

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The new research method seems successful to the experts, as it has come out as the accurate way of predicting the amount of calories burnt. Moreover, it predicts the aerobic power of a person that helps in increasing the task by executing capacity including training etc. The new equation when combined with some physiological signals such as temperature, core, heart rate and heat helps improve the health by predicting fatigue, dehydration and overheating.

Researchers have developed this new equation by taking into account the different body types that proves walking a good way of burning more calories.

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