Contraception without the side effects can soon be possible

For all the ladies that have to pop a pill every day in order to prevent conception, this new research is developing tiny sticky beads from seaweed which are a healthier way of contraception. While it is still at the crucial beginning stages, the researchers have managed to extract the ZP2 Peptide from the seaweed species that can trap sperm and prevent conception. What better than a superior option to contraceptive drugs without the added damage of side effects of these hormonal pharmaceuticals. No more weight gain or mood swings, with the ZP2 peptide beads, contraception becomes easier.

How they work

sperms and egg being fertilized

The ZP2 Peptides are extracted from seaweed and coated with a biological substance that is found at the surface of a female’s egg, this enables the beads to act as decoys that scavenge all the sperms and prevent fertilization of the egg and hence pregnancy.

A better IVF possibility

Man helping woman inject drugs to gain pregnancy (selective focus)

Not only contraception, these beads that trap sperms can be used to scavenge the best sperms with the highest motility for use in In-Vitro Fertilization.

Say no to popping pills


With the ZP2 Peptide beads, the ladies that have problems remembering to take their pills daily can forget about it altogether. Offering a safe, secure, garunteed and long lasting yet reversible effect, these beads function just as good or even better when compared to the marketed contraception pills. The biggest advantage that the beads offer is a side-effect free mode of contraception. No more weight gain, no more sudden mood swings or acne and other side effects.

Work in progress

Scientists have already begun testing the product on mice by implanting the beads into the female mice and continuously mating them. So far the results are good, and none of the animals got pregnant because of the contraceptive action of the beads.

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