What is Thrive? A Practical Guide to Le-Vel

What is Thrive

A “unicorn” among health and wellness companies, Le-Vel created quite the stir when it generated over $1 billion in sales in its first five years of business — and then it earned another billion just two years later. But despite the fame and brand recognition, many people don’t fully understand what Le-Vel is, what kinds of solutions they offer, and whether a Le-Vel lifestyle is right for them.

Well, don’t worry: In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of Le-Vel and the Thrive Experience, starting with a few definitions.

What Is Thrive — and What Is Le-Vel?

First things first: People tend to use the terms “Le-Vel” and “Thrive” interchangeably. That’s fine, but to be accurate it’s worth recognizing that these terms aren’t totally synonymous:

  • Le-Vel
    Le-Vel Brands LLC (or “Le-Vel” for short) is the name of the company. It offers health and wellness products and supplements, relying on a network of independent sellers for marketing and distribution.
  • Thrive
    Thrive is a short name for the Le-Vel THRIVE Experience, which is a daily lifestyle plan of health supplementation supported by personal fitness goals. Although Le-Vel also offers a range of other products, including snacks, nutrition bars, and skincare solutions, the Le-Vel flagship product is the Thrive Experience. As such, “Thrive” has become an unofficial name for the company itself, with Le-Vel enthusiasts even taking on the moniker of “thrivers” as a way to demonstrate their commitment to the Le-Vel lifestyle.

What Does the Thrive Experience Consist Of?

What is Thrive? As stated above, the Thrive Experience is a daily regimen of health supplementation and individualized lifestyle improvements. But what exactly does that mean?

The Thrive Experience is essentially three different products that are designed to function in tandem. The Thrive three-step process consists of:

Premium Lifestyle Capsules

Available in formulas for both men (Thrive M) and women (Thrive W), Thrive lifestyle capsules contain essential nutrients, probiotics, amino acids, and active natural ingredients (such as green tea and coffee bean extract).

Premium Lifestyle Mix

A micronized nutrition shake mix, this product is soluble in water, milk, smoothies, etc. Because the mix is micronized (broken down into extremely fine particles), it dissolves more smoothly and is more bioavailable. These Thrive shakes are designed to supplement or replace breakfast, and thus include essential vitamins, minerals, natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes needed to get the day started out right.

Lifestyle DFT

The third step in the three-step process has to do with the Thrive DFT. DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology and is an adhesive plaster that is designed to be worn on the skin for approximately 24 hours before being replaced. Although sometimes incorrectly referred to as the “Thrive patch,” the DFT is actually a unique technology — a patented advancement that infuses the skin with the Thrive formula and further enhances the effectiveness of the other Thrive products.

How Does the Thrive Experience Work?

One of the most popular aspects of the Thrive three-step program is how easy it is:

  1. Take two Thrive capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. In fact, it’s suggested that you keep a glass of water on the nightstand next to your bed so you can down the capsules as soon as your feet hit the floor.
  2. Follow the capsules with one of the micronized shakes about 20 – 40 minutes later (which should give you ample time to get cleaned up and dressed for the day).
  3. Lastly, place a Thrive DFT on a clean, dry, lean patch of skin (such as your forearm, shoulder, bicep, ankle, or wrist). The DFT is designed to function for about 24 hours, so be sure to replace it daily. It’s also recommended that you rotate your application areas — don’t always use the DFT on the same area of skin.

And that’s it. In less than an hour from the time you wake up, you’ll have taken care of nearly everything you need for the Thrive Experience. All that’s left is to make and work towards some personalized fitness goals, which becomes a lot easier when you have the right nutritional supplementation backing you up.

How Much Does the Thrive Experience Cost?

The Thrive Experience is currently sold as the Thrive E60 Challenge. This 60-day supplement regimen can be purchased as either a Half Pack, All-In Pack,or Couples Pack:

  • Half Pack:
    • 30 packets of Thrive W or Thrive M capsules
    • 32 packets of Thrive Shake Mix
    • 30 applications of Thrive DFT
    • Price: $160
  • All-In Pack:
    • 60 packets of Thrive W or Thrive M capsules
    • 64 packets of Thrive Shake Mix
    • 60 applications of Thrive DFT
    • Price: $320
  • Couple’s Pack:
    • 30 packets of Thrive W capsules
    • 30 packets of Thrive M capsules
    • 64 packets of Thrive Shake Mix
    • 60 applications of Thrive DFT
    • Price: $320

What Kinds of Benefits Does Thrive Bring to the Table?

$320 for two months’ worth of product isn’t bad (you’re looking at a little over $5 per day), but it isn’t spare change, either. Before you go shelling out a few hundred dollars, you should have an idea of what kinds of health improvements you can expect.

According to the Thrive website, potential benefits include:

  • Weight management
  • Improved joint function
  • Antioxidant support
  • Lean muscle support
  • Digestive and immune support
  • Appetite management
  • Nutritional support
  • Improved mood and energy
  • Relief from general discomforts

As an added benefit, the Thrive Experience includes no known side effects or dangers. Provided that you don’t have any preexisting allergies or extreme sensitivities to any of the ingredients, there shouldn’t be any risk involved in giving the Thrive Experience a try. That said, it’s never a bad idea to discuss the situation with your primary healthcare provider before you make changes to your lifestyle.

Next Steps

By now you should have a pretty good answer to the question “What is Thrive?” It’s up to you what you’re going to do with that information. Whether the Thrive Experience is right for you is something you’ll need to decide for yourself.

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