Which is Better: To Stretch Before or After a Workout?


Many people do not perform stretches at all, or as it is supposed to be done, or for the right duration. Most just stretch for a few minutes, and only do it on a few muscle groups, and then go home. It is also not anybody’s favorite thing after an intense workout. Perhaps what many do not appreciate, is that stretching promotes muscle growth, besides many other benefits. Muscle growth and development can also be enhanced by the use of peptides and HGH substances, besides stretching. If you are wondering how or where to buy peptides and HGH, just check how to buy peptides and HGHs online, and all your questions will be answered.

Should you do stretching before or after a workout? This is the question that many fitness enthusiasts grapple with. Irrespective of your fitness goal, stretching is essential and should be a component of your workout routine. This article looks at stretching before and after workouts. Read on for some insight on this.

Dynamic stretching and static stretching


Dynamic stretching is active stretching with controlled motions. It is mostly used as a warm-up to improve athletic performance in a workout or a game.

Static stretching is the more popular of the two and involves holding a position for 30 seconds and above to elongate the muscle. Athletes have employed it for years and have attested that it works. It should be done mostly as a post-workout stretching.

Benefits of dynamic stretching

The main benefits of dynamic stretching include an increased blood circulation, and the prevention of injuries. It is also credited with better athletic performance and taking the range of motion a notch higher.

Benefits of static stretching

The common belief that static stretching reduces soreness after workouts are not entirely true. However, some of the benefits of static stretching include better flexibility, enhanced range of motion and gaining the right posture.

Things to avoid while stretching


Some slight discomfort while stretching is acceptable, but if you feel pain, you should stop. Mostly static stretching is done by pulling and holding a stretch for between 30 and 60 seconds. Static stretching before a workout can reduce performance, thus should be avoided at the start of a session.

Fascia stretching

Fascia is the material that resembles plastic surrounding body muscles and soft tissues. Muscle fascia can limit the extent to which the muscle can grow by restraining the growth space. Bodybuilders perform fascia stretching to increase muscle fullness and make them separate to allow their growth. Fascia stretching is meant to be done after a workout with various exercises. One way of doing it could be by bringing the weight low on the dumbbell flys after a workout and maintaining the position for at least 15 seconds.


Perform dynamic stretching before workouts to make your muscles ready and enhance athletic performance. It is prudent to avoid static stretching before workouts, going by all the evidence against it. You would do better with some advice from your trainer or a fitness expert on what best suits your fitness level and objectives.

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