Usually, there are two kinds of alcohol drinkers – people who drink regularly and those who indulge in alcohol occasionally. Despite the difference in the nature of alcohol intake, both groups have one thing in common – the feeling of a hangover the next morning! Besides a hangover, excess drinking can trigger a plethora of negative impacts on your body. But fortunately, there are some simple yet highly effective steps you can take to lower the effects of drinking alcohol. We’ve listed the top four methods to help you accomplish this goal.

1.       Go for quality drinks

friends having quality booze

Opting for cheap booze usually means you aren’t drinking a fully pure product, which means you’ll be more prone to the effects of drinking alcohol. Additionally, you’ll less likely try to use a mixer to cover up the poor taste when you’re having quality booze, which will eventually lessen your sugar intake. In addition, cheapest drinks are sometimes produced without oversight and often by unskilled people so there remains the risk of contamination with various distillation by products. Consume these and you run the risk of experiencing the effects of alcohol in a severe manner!

2.       Always eat before you drink

If you want to lower the effects of drinking alcohol, never start your drinks on an empty stomach. Though eating before drinking will still trigger drunkenness, it’ll slow down alcohol’s absorption by your body and thus, minimize the effects of drinking alcohol. Also, try to focus on lean sources of protein and healthy fats as they aid slow digestion. Also, remember to avoid foods like chips, cookies and food stuff that have refined carbohydrates. These foods are quickly absorbed and therefore are not helpful when it comes to reducing the effects of drinking alcohol.

3.       Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water not only helps you get rid of dehydration

Dehydration is one of the biggest factors that trigger the side effects of drinking alcohol. Booze being a strong diuretic can make you severely dehydrated after you drink. Drinking lots of water not only helps you get rid of dehydration but drains the alcohol from your body faster as well. You can also try a good electrolyte supplement with a glass of water to replenish the electrolytes you’ve lost after drinking. It will not only lessen the side effects of drinking alcohol but also improve your mood and help you stay physically strong.

4.       Continue your exercise regimen

Physical exercise is another key method to fight the effects of drinking alcohol. Light activities such as walking, jogging, and low-intensity cycling and so on can help you clear your head after a night of excess drinking. It might feel difficult but sticking to your regular fitness routine will help you steer clear of the effects of drinking alcohol.

You should always remember that when consumed in excess, no form of booze is healthy. So, no matter if you drink regularly or not, it’s essential to understand and stay within your alcohol tolerance to minimize the effects of drinking alcohol. Lastly, try to take a break of some days between binge drinking nights as doing this will rejuvenate your body and mind while eliminating the effects of drinking alcohol completely!

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