4 Surprising Health benefits of foam rolling for everyone

Recovery training is the latest buzzword on everyone’s lips and it’s not just for pro-athletes! Whether you choose to use a massage gun or a foam roller as part of your recovery training, the benefits can be reaped by everyone, especially those suffering from muscular pain and soreness, or general mobility issues. From improving the range of motion to easing muscle soreness, here we look at three amazing health benefits of foam rolling and why you should start doing it post-workout!

Improves range of motion and flexibility

movement of a joint

Your range of motion, or ROM, is the extent of movement of a joint. If you find it difficult to move your arms and legs during everyday activities such as sitting down, you may have a poor range of motion. Using a foam roller on the muscles surrounding the joints can ease inflammation and general soreness, which results in an increased range of motion and less pain in the joints.

Using a foam roller regularly can increase blood flow to your muscles. This loosens and stretches the muscle, which results in improved flexibility. Why is flexibility so important? Improved flexibility can mean that you’ll have better form in your daily life as well as when performing certain exercises.

Warning: Do not use a foam roller directly on the joints! It should only be used on the muscle.

Prevents injury

Having healthy muscles, in general, can help to prevent future injury due to having a better range of motion and flexibility! Yes, it all ties together! If your range of motion and flexibility increases, this means you’re less likely to strain a muscle or make a wrong move during exercise resulting in injury. This means you can forget about costly physio visits or loss of earnings due to being able to work because of an injury.

Eases muscle soreness

Foam rolling can help ease soreness

If you suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise, you’ll know how much this can hinder your progress. Foam rolling can help ease soreness by improving circulation and repairing damaged tissue. This is also extremely beneficial for those who suffer from general aches and pains.

Improves mental health

Foam rolling can help improve your mental health similar to receiving a massage. This can relax the body and break down any knots and tight spots. This is especially effective on the back and shoulders to help you feel stress-free. Try foam rolling not just after exercise, but at the end of a long day as a way to unwind and de-stress the body.

Choose a vibrating foam roller for even more benefits


Pulseroll’s vibrating foam roller is scientifically proven to increase training recovery and circulation by 22% and improve range of motion by 14%. It’s four-speed vibration technology is approved by physios and pro-athletes is portable and lightweight and increases oxygen and blood flow to the muscles.

The best part of using a vibrating foam roller instead of a traditional one? With less need to physically roll, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of foam rolling with minimal effort.

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