5 Alternative ways to treat addictive behavior

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Most of the times we hear about addiction to drugs or alcohol. But, that’s not the only type of addiction that is there. From television, junk food and pornography to social media and sleeping pills, there are plenty of things that you can get addicted to. Generally, we think that treating addictive behavior would mean going to see a psychologist, trying medications and visiting rehab etc. But, that’s not all that is there to the picture. Unles your addiction is extremely severe, you can also try one of these 5 harmless methods to get rid of it.

5 Alternative ways to treat addictive behavior

1. Be accountable to someone

making everyday confessions to a close friend

No matter whether you are addicted to drugs or pornography, you normally tend to close your door when indulging in it. It isn’t just the fear of getting caught, you are more ashamed than afraid. So, the first towards fighting drug addiction should be strengthening this feeling of shame so much so that it becomes bigger than your addiction. You can easily do so by making everyday confessions to a close friend. If you feel truly remorseful about your addiction, confessing about it could be of immense help. It would increase your will power and would be of great help in overcoming the addiction.

2. Get a new hobby

In many cases, too much free time is the reason behind one’s addictive behavior. In free time, it is impossible not to think about the thing you are addicted to. Getting a new hobby could be an easy solution to this. It could be anything from reading to stamp collection or learning a musical instrument. Even if it doesn’t cure it completely, your new hobby would at least help in making your addiction less severe.

3. Exercise

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It’s common wisdom that workout and addiction don’t go together. You are very likely to leave one for the sake of other. So, why not try to sweat out your addiction? It’s easy. You don’t really have to do some extreme work out. Something as simple as going on the treadmill would do. Just make sure that you work out for at least one hour every day (preferably in the morning).

4. Meditate

Meditation isn’t something enigmatic as many people make it to be. It’s simple. You simply have to close your eyes and watch your thoughts. That’s all there is to it. You would find plenty of meditation courses in your vicinity. Even on YouTube there are lots of free guided meditations. So, why not give it a try?

5. Try a holistic approach


Before opting for medications, we suggest that you give a shot to at least one holistic approach. You’d find plenty of them out there. Something like Ayurveda, aromatherapy, etc. could be surprisingly beneficial. Even trying a course like acim won’t be a bad idea at all. These might help in discovering as well as eliminating the root cause of your problem.

Final Words

Apart from the methods mentioned above, something like committing yourself to a noble cause or even making new friends could be of immense help to you. Just don’t underestimate the value of even the smallest of effort that you put towards overcoming addictive behavior.

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