Four Reasons to Help Motivate You Towards Better Eye Health

Reasons to Help Motivate You Towards Better Eye Health

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Here are countless songs sung about eyes – ‘For your eyes only’, ‘Hungry Eyes’ or ‘Eye of the Tiger’… The list goes on. Certainly, a lot more songs focus in general on the eyes in comparison the nose or ears. Try to think of one song about a nose, it won’t be easy to come up with anything. Which makes it rather strange really when we consider how reluctant people are to get their eyes looked at regularly by a doctor. Unlike going to a dentist, at least once annually, which is something that seems to be banged into people from an early age, the notion of regularly getting your eyes to look at simply isn’t a thing for most people. But it should be! Here are a few simple tips to help you make it a regular part of your annual medical routine.

1. Start by finding the person

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They say that if you want to go running the hardest part is switching into your running clothing. They say if you just put on your running clothes and go about your daily return dressed accordingly, that pretty soon you will find a gap to take and head out for the run. It is a gap that you wouldn’t be able to take if you were not already kitted out. The same applies to visit the eye doctor. Find one close to you by Googling something like ‘ophthalmologist South Yarra’ and see what comes up. Once you have identified somebody close to you it will suddenly be a whole lot easier to pop in or make an appointment. If you don’t know who or where to start it simply will never happen.

2. Look around you

Anyone who thinks that they don’t need to have their eyes checked regularly is fooling themselves. Next time you take a walk through the street do a quick survey of the people you see. How many people are wearing spectacles? Do you see people who appear to have other issues with their eyes (from squints to cataracts or those being led around by guide dogs)? You almost certainly will see folk who are struggling in one way or another. So, to think that you are going to be immune from eye issues is somewhat naive. They happen and they need to be caught early if you want to avoid serious, long-term issues.

3. It doesn’t happen quickly

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For most people with eye conditions or complaints are chronic in nature. That means that the onset is gradual, and it is often unnoticed. The easiest way to get it caught is through a visit to an eyeclinic. This can double as a getting your eyes tested for spectacles as well. The point is, caught early and treated your issues are likely to go away, left undetected and untreated and you could be in trouble for a long time to come.

4. Know the issues

Do a little reading up on the type of issues and diseases that can affect the eyes. Eye issues are a lot more than just needing glasses. In fact, once you know just a few of the more common complaints that are treated regularly by ophthalmologists you might be quite shocked and alarmed – and determined to act a little more responsibly with your ocular care.

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