6 Things You Might Need to Know About the MCAT Test

Know About the MCAT Test

MCAT is the test administered and developed by the AAMC, as a common test for med schools to assess medical school aspirants, for admission into United States as well as Canadian medical schools. It’s multiple choice, standardized, computer-based test. Here’s what you need to know about the MCAT test:

6 Things you must know about the MCAT test

Before you start your MCAT prep, you should know these basic things about the test. 

Why is it important

dream to be a doctor

If it’s your dream to be a doctor, and help others get well, or conduct research and make discoveries to cure the deadliest diseases, then this is an important in your journey. It is a part of your med school application. Other strengths that would be considered are your academic scores, exposure to healthcare as well medical research, personal experiences and interests, potential to contribute to community and campus. 

What is asked on MCAT

The MCAT tests your knowledge in Organic and General Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biology, Psychology, Physics and Sociology. Your reasoning and critical analysis skills will be put to the test too. To prepare for all of these, it is a good idea to do some MCAT practice tests. This will help you increase your understanding of subjects and apply that knowledge to solve complex brain teasing problems. 

Different integrated sections

encounter the subjects

MCAT does not have sections according to independent subjects. The test gives you an idea of how you will encounter the subjects in med school. MCAT is separated into four sections:

  1. Reasoning and Critical Analysis Skills
  2. Physical foundations of the Biological Systems and Chemistry
  3. Biochemical and Biological Foundations of the Living Systems
  4. Social, Psychological and Biological Foundations of Behavior

Each of the sections are scored between 118 to 132, with mean as well as well median at 125. The total scores thus range from 472 to 528. Be sure to attempt all the questions, as the unanswered and incorrect questions are scored in the same manner. 

When should you sit for the MCAT test?

The simple answer is that when you are prepared. You should ideally aim for the MCAT test in the year that preceded the year in which you plan to enter med school. Then decide on the month, keeping scope for enough time to retake the MCAT, if required. You will find all the details in the AAMC website.

Bronze Zone: This is the last date to cancel reservation as well as the last date for changing information such as consents, name, address etc.

Silver Zone: This is the last date for scheduling initial registration without fee increase.

Gold Zone: This is last date for rescheduling at lower rate and receive partial refund for exam cancellation. 

Fees for the MCAT

MCAT registration

MCAT fee is not on the lower side, in fact it is quite expensive. This is why you should be truly prepared before taking the test. The fee covers the test fee as well as the fee to release scores. It’s better to be on time, or else you will have to pay extra for late registration, test location/site changes.

There is good news for those who require financial assistance – the AAMC reduces registration fee from 310 dollars to 120 dollars, for eligible students. Additional benefits such as free MCAT prep resources are also provided. 

Test results can be voided

After completion of the test, if you are not confident of your scores, then the test can be voided, which then will not be recorded/ scored for use in the med school applications process. You can void only once but you will not get any refund. You can take MCAT 7 times in your lifetime, 4 times in two consecutive years, and 3 times in one year.

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