7 Health Risks related to screen time

We live in a technologically advanced world of digitization and there are some cons that go with several of its advantages. One of the most important side effects is the fact that a large time, when spent staring at the careens of smart phones, laptops of computers has a serious implication on the physical and mental health. Here are some health risks related to screen time that would surely make you rethink the time you spend on the screens.

Some health risks related to screen time

  1. Obesity:


    We mention this first while speaking of the potential threats of spending a bit more time on the phone than usual, and for good reason. This is an indirect effect of long durations of screen time and they are hardly related. What happens is that someone gets too addicted to his electronic device and spends a considerable amount of time on the screen; he misses out on other healthy alternatives.Sports for instance take a backseat and so does other physical activities necessary to keep you in shape. Also, it is a common habit to binge on junk food during your screen time which further adds up to the weight gain. Obesity in turn causes several other serious health issues and is currently affecting a huge number of children and adults worldwide.

  2. Eye-problems:

    Myopia is only the starter in the huge course of eye problems that start affecting an individual when he or she spends way too much time staring at their phones or laptops. These are bright light sources and cause many eye problems like the dryness of eyes, excessive strain resulting in headaches and in some cases even damage to the retina.This is probably the most disturbing among the health risks related to screen time. There can be however many precautionary measures taken to counter this. For instance, the brightness can be lowered significantly and breaks can be taken to avoid long durations of screen time. Those suffering from dry eyes can use some form of eye drop to evade problems.

  3. Effect on mental health:

    Effect on mental healthAbnormally huge times devoted to working on the screens takes a toll on mental health of an individual. Partly due to no physical activity and partly due to no real socialization people tend to inflict a bad effect on mental health. Among the mental health issues, the most prominent is depression followed by a weak memory or low attentive spans. Even temper issues are known to stem from spending too much times staring at the screens and being a couch potato.

  4. Back pains:

    Back pains

    This mostly affects people who spend a lot of time sitting on chairs and work on computers or other such devices. These pains can be however easily avoided if some tips are followed. One should ensure that the chair being used has a backrest and that he is not leaning forward to work. The computer should stay at an eye level so as to not cause sprains and pains while looking continuously at the screens. Leave the chairs once in a while and get some fresh air.

  5. Insomnia and other sleep irregularities:

    Insomnia and other sleep irregularities

    It is important to have a regular body clock. If you do not guide your child or yourself to develop one, you may end up with problems. Too much of screen time actually disrupts a set sleeping pattern for too long and eventually the body clock changes accordingly leading to cases of sleep irregularities or insomnia. Apart from being health risks related to screen time they also result in more serious illnesses.

  6. Poor social skills and poor personality development:

    Poor social skills

    The development of one’s personality happens with experience and that experience is not time spent looking at the phone. Interactions with people develop very necessary social skills that are a must have in future professional and personal life. Too much of screen time however ruins one on both fronts and they are left with awkward social skills and a poor personality.

  7. Weakens the learning process:

    Weakens the learning process

    This one is particularly true for the children and the more time they spend with these devices the more it affects their learning capacities. The health risks related to screen time for children include low concentration and weak memory. It can also weaken the intelligence with time and slows the natural learning process for a kid.

Final words

Technology can be wisely used instead of bringing upon these side effects. So we hope that these guidelines would help you guide your child away from the excessive screen time they spend and instead seek healthy alternatives. A healthy life starts off with healthy choices being made and we hope that this will let you adapt to one such healthy habit; that of spending less screen time.

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