Exercises for women to get rid of love handles


This is an era where everyone is under a constant pressure to look good and be in the perfect shape. However, this is also an era where junk food is easily available and one hardly has the time and energy to cook healthy meals everyday and this often leads to fat storage in all the wrong places.

Love handles are areas of fat around the side of the abdominal area and women are often troubled by this phenomenon. This is a stubborn fat zone and even with rigorous exercises they refuse to go. So we decided to come to the rescue by providing you with these exercises for women to get rid of love handles.

Some exercises for women to get rid of love handles

  1. Eat healthy and follow a strict diet:

    Eat healthy and follow a strict diet
    It is a myth that just the workout will be enough to get rid of the love handles. The diet plays a very important role and since this is about burning fat from one of the most stubborn regions you must ensure that you follow a low carbohydrate and high protein diet.

  2. Never skip cardio:

    The best exercise routine never skips the cardio and even studies suggest that those with about a 30-minute walk or jog every day have a much less chance of developing fat around the abdominal area. So besides the specific exercises targeting the love handles, ensure that you never miss the cardio session.

  3. Side plank:

    This is one of the best exercises for women to get rid of love handles. The process is simple enough and all you have to do is get into a side plank position. So your hips and legs are resting on the ground and your elbow is also on the ground. Now slowly engage your abs and while you keep the body in a straight line, lift the lower half up from the ground and maintain a straight planking position. This needs to be repeated for about 15 times on one side before you do 15 more after changing sides.

  4. Bicycle crunches:

    This is a very effective exercise to reduce love handles among the exercises for women. You just need to lie on your back with the hands resting behind your head. Now lift the upper back and the shoulders off the ground by engaging your abs muscles. While you do this also move the right elbows towards the left knees such a way that they are meeting halfway at the middle of your body. Change the positions and follow this up with the left elbow touching the right knee in the same manner. All the while your torso should be in a raised position and try to perform this exercise as fast as you can for best results.

  5. Woodchoppers:

    You cannot skip this in your home workout if you plan to get rid of love handles. Keep your feet at a hip width apart and have the weight be on the left leg. Hold a hand weight by both hands and pull it up to your left shoulder. Twist such that there is a chopping motion that is created in the direction of the right hip. Once completed, let the knees and the feet to pivot with this twist. Then the weight has to be raised up to your left shoulder in the same manner and the whole thing has to be repeated for about 20 times. Once the left side is done work on your right side.

  6. Russian twists:

    The best exercise routine for reducing love handles will never skip this exercise due to its effective and quick results. Sit with bent knees and have the feet flat on the ground. Make sure that the upper body leans backwards at roughly a 45’ angle. Now grab a dumbbell with both your hands and raise the feet off the ground. Make sure you cross them at your ankles by managing to balance them on your butt. When you attain this position, the upper body should be twisted to the right. The ground next to you can be touched with your dumbbell. Then repeat the process, this time the weight touching the left side. Do it back and forth and make sure the balance is right.

  7. Abs crunches:

    Ab Crunches
    Simple lie on you back and keep the knees bent. Now keep the legs still and try to touch the knees while you elevate the upper body to a straight position hitting the abs muscles. Do about 3 sets of 20 crunches each for the best results.

Final words

These exercises for women can be easily practiced on a regular basis and if followed up with a balanced diet it would work wonders in getting rid of love handles. We hope you would implement this simple home workout and be in the best of shapes.

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