Aerobics or work outs ? What is better for women workers?

Aerobics or work outs ? What is better for women workers?

The women these days are very conscious about their fitness. They do not want to lag behind when it comes to being fit and fine. They are working and at the same time very aware about their health.  But they are always confused about what suits them more aerobics or workouts. So let us find out.


Aerobics  is a physical exercise which is not very intense .it basically focuses on the aerobic energy generation of the body. The term ‘aerobic’ implies living in the air. It mainly refers to the use of oxygen by the body while fulfilling the energy requirements of the human body and is supported by the aerobic metabolism.  This intensity could be anywhere between 60%-85 %.

On the other hand work out is a physical or mental  activity which is focused on achieving specific result. It is also termed as a way of physical exertion which helps in regulation of fitness levels. Thus it is more focused form of exercising.


Going by the two different approach of exercising, it is quite evident that aerobics is suitable for those who want an overall fitness. It will not target any specific body part . it will ensure  a short time of physical activity which will enhance the blood circulation and keep you fit all through the day.

But if you want to target any specific body part. For example- if you want to reduce ft from the belly or from the thigh ot you want to tone a few specific muscles, then aerobics will not prove to be very beneficial to you. In this case you must opt for working out if you want a desired result.


Thus women workers who want to continue with the basic fitness regime can continue with aerobics but if they wish to focus on any one problem area of their body then there is no alternative for working out.

They must ensure that they target only  one part of their body at a time. Under the guidance of a fitness instructor working out will turn out to be a very fun filled activity . later when you achieve the desired results the sense of pride will overwhelm you. After all there is nothing like a tall and slim figure. This will increase your confidence level to a large extent and will make you more attractive.

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